US Pharma PCT and Ancillary Meds**Fast Shipping**

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Serono, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. Serono

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    As mentioned since it was Xmas, I was a bit slow(er) to respond than normal.

    However I did answer all emails 3 times throughout the day yesterday(even on Christmas), one being right before bed, so I would have to guess:
    1. You sent it after I was asleep.
    2. It is stuck in your spam folder.
    3. I did not receive it. Feel free to email again(and make sure you have the correct address)

    Also as mentioned above, I reply generally pretty quickly.

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  2. Dthcore

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    Id be interested in Dutasteride as well. finasteride isn't getting it done anymore.
  3. Serono

    Serono Member

    Good morning. Few updates:

    1. I will be traveling today, so response time will be slower than normal, but will respond asap.

    2.Ralox and 20mg cialis will be back instock today.

    All Meds are USA Pharm grade.
    (except hcg, Aroma, Caber which are turkish/EU)

    AI's, SERMS and Prolactin Control

    Product | Strength | Count | Price
    arimidex | 1mg | 30 | $50

    Pfizer exemestane(aromasin) | 25mg | 30 | $60

    Raloxifene | 60mg | 30ct | $75

    Letrozole | 2.5mg | 30ct | $50

    Nolvadex | 20mg | 30 | $60

    Clomid | 50mg | 30 | $70

    Pfizer cabergoline | 1mg | 20 | $50

    Prami | 1mg | 90 | $50

    Mix and match 5 Pack Items: $200($40ea)

    (Choose any 5 or 5 of the same item)
    Pfizer cabergoline(1 per order)
    Choriomon hcg

    HCG and Insulin

    hcg(Choriomon brand) | 5,000iu(1x multiuse vial/NO WATER)| 1 | $50

    Humalog or Novolog pen |100iu/ml | 3ml | $50(out of stock)

    Hospira Bacteriostatic Water |n/a | 30ml | $10

    Sexual Health
    tadalafil(cialis) | 5mg | 30 | $50
    tadalafil(Cialis) | 20mg | 30 | $60
    Sildenafil (viagra) | 20mg | 90 | $75
    Sildenafil (viagra) | 100mg | 30 | $75

    Fat Loss

    T3 | 50mcg | 100 | $125

    Metformin | 1000mg | 30ct | $50

    Blood-Pressure and General Health

    Lisinopril(bp med) | 20mg | 30 | $50

    Telmesartin(bp med) | 80mg | 30 | $50
  4. Serono

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    Noted. I will possibly add it on my next restock.

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  5. wedorecover

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    I mean can’t beat USA pharma
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  6. Serono

    Serono Member

    Back from traveling. Email response will be back to normal.

    Will think about getting a small amount next time I restock.

    This is exactly it. I will never be the cheapest, however you know what you are getting.
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  7. Dthcore

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    Hell yeah!!!!
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  8. GFitKing2

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    Second order received from @Serono - Did the 5 items for $200 and not disappointed one bit.Products work amazing ( tested on my first order) & shipping time took 2 days to my door. I deff dont mind paying a little more for what I have been getting. My go to now for sure ! Thanks again bro
  9. JC Grifter

    JC Grifter Member

    Glad I stumbled across this thread! I was just thinking earlier today I need to find a domestic pharma source for aromasin. I was going to order from an UGL. Looking forward to trying him out!
  10. Serono

    Serono Member

    All items back in stock. Will continue $50 min, and free shipping on orders over $100 for a little while longer.

    Thanks all!
    Thanks for the feedback and business. Much appreciated!
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  11. Horimono

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    There weren’t any tits in your other thread either. Just sayin.
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  12. Wrekem

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    Does this include the humalog being in stock?
  13. Serono

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    Will have to take a pic of my tits tonight for you. :)
    I am kind of on the fence if I want to bring this back. I just hate to have some knucklehead fuck themselves up, because they are not careful.
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  14. Wrekem

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    I understand. Im competitive bb’r and right now i just pay double your price through my source so i dont mean to be a bother lol its just a great price i could pay compared to now

  15. Serono

    Serono Member

    Shoot me an email.
  16. nealcaffrey16

    nealcaffrey16 Member

    Serono Prime delivered again. xD
  17. ZahnX

    ZahnX Junior Member

    Top notch service and products, 2 day delivery time. Definitely my go to in the future.
  18. Serono

    Serono Member

    Thank you both for the business, and feedback!
  19. COBF

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    You had to drop that off yourself Serono!! Damn that was super quick! Thankyou!!
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  20. Serono

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    Thanks for giving me a shot. Appreciate it.