US Pharma PCT and Ancillary Meds**Fast Shipping**

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Serono, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. Promonebobby

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    Are the viagras name brand? Or generic?
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    Do you know what Pharma means???
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  3. i think that's a valid question.

    Name brand and generic are still both produced by legit pharmaceutical companies, are they not?

    Serious question, because that was my understanding and i'd like to know if i'm not in the know on this stuff.
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  4. Serono

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    Thanks! I agree on the 5 pack. It is a good value IMO. I will never be the cheapest, but you know what to expect when you use my services.

    They are US Pharma generics. If you want name brand, I would be happy to get them for you, but they are pricey. Having used, and carried both for years, there is really no benefit to the brand in my mind. US Pharma tends to be pretty darn consistent. I stick certain generic brands due to track record, and personal experience, and tend to not really waver from that.

    Yes, you are correct in your understanding.

    The thing is this. If you go to the Dr. And get a prescription for just about ANY medicine, and you go to your local pharmacy to fill it. You are not getting the name brand(unless it is a patented med). You are going to get the same exact thing as I am providing. ;) So it is really hard to beat, in terms of quality for your $.
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    Gonna give these guys a try. Still $50 minimum @Serono ?
  6. Serono

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    For a lil while longer :)
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    Stupid me. Thought the guy was asking if pharma and not UGL. Oooffff.
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    Just gave him a try for a few things I'll keep you guys posted
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    I agree with you I’ve had 200mg generics that make me fuck like a sex god but a lot of my clientele prefer name brand idk why but it’s something I’m asked for
  10. Serono

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    If they are willing to pay the name brand price, it is not a problem.

    But, I would mention to them, these are US Market, regardless.
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    Just placed my first order with @Serono. Solid dude! Very fast communication! Thanks again @Serono
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  12. Oh Look a Sherdog poster crosses over and tries to appear as he has knowledge on AAS by being sarcastic when hilariously revealing that he has no knowledge on AAS at all. Just because a few high profile fighters got busted for PED’s and you decided to try them out does not make a person an expert. If you don’t even know how Pharma grade gear is manufactured and distributed then the odds of you receiving fake Pharma grade products are that much greater.
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    ???? Ok newbie, when you make a few posts that make some sort of sense, come back. You know nothing about me.
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    @Serono delivered the goods with a 1 week turnaround during the busiest delivery time of year. Packed solid with good communication. Thank you!
  15. I know that when you read the word “generic” you automatically assume it’s underground... allegedly LOL. Again keep trying to fit in mr May 2019. You’re using steroids as an experiment not to build muscle, just because a few famous mma fighters were caught using them. You probably haven’t even used anything you’ve ordered because you’re afraid of the side effects.
  16. Serono

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    Haha thanks man. All I can do is drop it off same or next day, and hope they do their part. This time of year is a crapshoot. :)
    Thanks for the biz. I know you will be happy!
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  18. Granted it was just a mixup of words, but you really don't like this guy, do you?

    What started this? Link?
  19. I’ve had conversations with the man on sherdog. Not that I don’t like him even though he’s a colby Covington defending ass-douche. But look at the health and fitness section on sherdog. They talk about nothing but PED’s there. Just a bunch of noobs attempting to sound educated on things they know absolutely nothing about. It’s funny and alarming at the same time. Seeing guys who obviously googled information 20 minutes ago and say the wrong thing in reply to someone else attempting to be an expert. There seems to be a fasanatipn with PED’s on that forum and it stems from the amount of fighters being caught for them since USADA’s inception. I think the fascination with them stems from sherdogers thinking it makes you a superhuman sex crazed warrior with crazy fast reflexes. These are the type of weekend bodybuilders who use full cycles only to see how they feel but have no intention on putting on even a bit of muscle.
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  20. Serono

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    I feel honored. It wouldn't be a true meso thread without a little back and forth arguing. :)

    UPDATE: Ralox and cialis 20mg is low stock. Will have it restocked asap.