US Pharma PCT and Ancillary Meds**Fast Shipping**

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    First time customer. Fast T/A. Very good communication. Discreet and well packed. Will definitely order again. Thanks @Serono
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    Please keep us posted if you get an dutasteride
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    If there is interest I will gladly add it. When I used to carry it, pricing was as follows:

    Dutasteride(avodart) |.5mg | 30ct | $35

    I would need to check pricing but should be close, or cheaper.
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    I'll definitely be ordering some soon.

    Just wanted to give everyone an update communication was top notch and TA was Amazon Prime speeds even during holidays.

    I'll report back once I try some it out
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    Wait, are you saying you have had conversations with me on sherdog?
  6. Made another two purchases from Serono, he was able to fulfill a special request of mine for some recombinant hcg, and picked up all of the kits plus a cialis. Great customer service and T/A even with peak season for parcel delivery. Will continue to do business with him in the future.
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    Tried to get him to answer my question, apparently he got me mixed up with someone else. Sherdog is retarded and I haven't opened the site for 5 years. Before anyone accuses someone, they should make sure. I could give a shit about any of the ufc crap he posted.
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    2 day T/A, TD today. EZ repeat customer.
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    When will humalog be back in stock?
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    Just wanted to give Sereno another shout out and review. I got my package in 2 days and was starting to get a little mild gyno flair and itchy nips after starting my cycle after switching from my sources liquid adex to the pharma I no longer have itchy lips and the lil flair up I had is gone
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    Thanks again!
    No eta at this time.
    Thanks! Glad it helped.
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    Just wanted to post the up to date list on this page.

    All Meds are USA Pharm grade.
    (except hcg, Aroma, Caber which are turkish/EU)

    AI's, SERMS and Prolactin Control

    Product | Strength | Count | Price
    arimidex | 1mg | 30 | $50

    Pfizer exemestane(aromasin) | 25mg | 30 | $60

    Raloxifene | 60mg | 30ct | $70

    Letrozole | 2.5mg | 30ct | $50

    Nolvadex | 20mg | 30 | $60

    Clomid | 50mg | 30 | $70

    Pfizer cabergoline | 1mg | 20 | $50

    Prami | 1mg | 90 | $50

    Mix and match 5 Pack Items: $200($40ea)

    (Choose any 5 or 5 of the same item)
    Pfizer cabergoline(1 per order)
    Choriomon hcg

    HCG and Insulin

    hcg(Choriomon brand) | 5,000iu(1x multiuse vial/NO WATER)| 1 | $50

    Humalog or Novolog pen |100iu/ml | 3ml | $50(out of stock)

    Hospira Bacteriostatic Water |n/a | 30ml | $10

    Sexual Health
    tadalafil(cialis) | 5mg | 30 | $50
    Tadalafil(Cialis) | 20mg | 30 | $60
    Sildenafil (viagra) | 20mg | 90 | $75
    Sildenafil (viagra) | 100mg | 30 | $75

    Fat Loss

    T3 | 50mcg | 100 | $125

    Metformin | 1000mg | 30ct | $50

    Blood-Pressure and General Health

    Lisinopril(bp med) | 20mg | 30 | $50

    Telmesartin(bp med) | 80mg | 30 | $50
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    First time customer - T/A time 2 days. Product looks great. Thanks @Serono
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    What is the current minimum? Merry Christmas to everyone.
  15. Serono

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    Thanks for your biz! Have a great holiday.

    I am going to run with just a $50 min for a while longer. Also free ship over $100 for a little while longer too.

    Thanks and have a great holiday.
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    Had a TD from @Serono pretty fast and good communication. Everything looks good! 4 day T/A! Happy with the order! Thanks again @Serono
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    Are you taking anymore more customers or no? Sent a Email no reply tho.
  18. Well it could be that it’s Christmas and he’s taking the day off.
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    1) It's Christmas - people travel/spend time with family on Christmas Eve & Day. I wouldn't expect a source to email me back on either day, just like I wouldn't expect a fast response on a weekend (but even more so on holidays).

    2) Did you email him from a protonmail address, as per his instructions on the first page?

    3) In my experience with him over multiple years, he's consistently had the fastest response times for a source, bar none. So I would just consider whether you're being reasonable after taking #1 and #2 into account :)
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    I figured I'd get a little blasted for asking lol