US Pharma PCT and Ancillary Meds**Fast Shipping**

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  1. Scubasteve37

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    Email isn’t working
  2. Serono

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    What issue are you having? Seems to be working fine on my end....
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    Is this the scubasteve I know from ab and other spots. The scuba I knew was here also? Maybe lost a password or something?
  4. Scubasteve37

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    No sir, I just joined a few weeks ago. I’ve never had an account
  5. Scubasteve37

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    I found the problem. It was on my end
  6. penche

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    Another flawless TD from my dude @Serono .
    Always on point
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  7. Sakuraba

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    cabaser back in stock yet?
  8. Serono

    Serono Member

    Happy Monday. Just wanted to drop in and report it is business as usual here.

    Hope you guys are all staying safe, and making the best out of the situation :/

    Thanks buddy! Stay safe out there
    Pretty sure I explained the Cabaser scenario last week via email no?
  9. JC Grifter

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    TD! Second time using @Serono and second good experience. Super fast reply and shipping time. I even got it one day quicker this time. I like to have everything I need in advance, but it’s good to know I can grab something in a pinch. .... by the way, my wife was upset no candy this time
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  10. Serono

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    Good morning. Quick update. Business as usual over here. All orders leaving same or next day.

    Ralox, Dostinex, and Metformin back in stock.

    Thanks and stay safe!

    Let me add the list to this page:


    All Meds are USA Pharm grade.
    (except hcg, aromasin, 1mg Caber which are turkish/EU)

    AI's, SERMS and Prolactin Control

    Product | Strength | Count | Price
    arimidex | 1mg | 30 | $50

    Pfizer exemestane(aromasin) | 25mg | 30 | $70

    Raloxifene | 60mg | 30ct | $70

    Letrozole | 2.5mg | 30ct | $50

    Nolvadex | 20mg | 30 | $60

    Clomid | 50mg | 30 | $70

    Cabergoline(Dostinex) | 0.5mg | 8ct | $40

    Pfizer Cabaser(Cabergoline) | 1mg | 20 | OUT OF STOCK

    Prami | 1mg | 90 | $50

    Mix and match 5 Pack Items: $200($40ea)

    (Choose any 5 or 5 of the same item)
    Choriomon hcg

    HCG and Insulin

    hcg(Choriomon brand) | 5,000iu(1x multiuse vial/NO WATER)| 1 | $50

    Humalog or Novolog pen |100iu/ml | 3ml | $50(out of stock)

    Hospira Bacteriostatic Water |n/a | 30ml | $10

    Sexual Health
    tadalafil(cialis) | 5mg | 30 | $50
    tadalafil(cialis) | 20mg | 30 | $60
    Sildenafil (viagra) | 20mg | 90 | $75
    Sildenafil (viagra) | 100mg | 30 | $75

    Fat Loss

    T3 | 50mcg | 90 | $125

    Metformin | 1000mg | 30ct | $50

    Blood-Pressure and General Health

    Lisinopril(bp med) | 20mg | 30 | $50

    Telmesartin(bp med) | 80mg | 30 | $50

    Maxzide(Triamterene/hctz) | 75mg/50mg | 20 | $20

    DHT Inhibitors:
    dutasteride | 0.5g | 30 | $35

    Thanks for the feedback!
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  11. Serono

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    Bump for a new week. Pretty much everything is restocked, and rolling as usual.
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  12. Sakuraba

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    Not sure exactly how fast my pack came but it was certainly expedient, and everything is clearly EXACTLY as advertised and expertly packed.
    Serono is THE man.
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  13. Gymjunkie70

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    What brand name is your 100mg viagra and your 20mg cialis
  14. Serono

    Serono Member

    Email me please. Will let ya know current stock.

    I don't like posting it here as it changes, and I don't want someone getting something different 3 months from now and complaining to me about

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  15. Gymjunkie70

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    You got it
  16. Gymjunkie70

    Gymjunkie70 Member Supporter

    Got my package very quickly.Fast responses and easy to work with
  17. Serono

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    Monday update: Hope everyone is holding up ok through this current situation.

    Pretty much full list in stock, and shipping as usual. Ralox is low stock, but will be restocked asap.

    Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it.
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  18. Dthcore

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    Whats the minimum?
  19. Serono

    Serono Member

    Right now just $70..
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  20. Dthcore

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    Thanks man! It’ll be more than that! Lol