US Pharma PCT and Ancillary Meds**Fast Shipping**

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Serono, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. Jswole220

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    If your dealing with gyno imo it’s the only approach to take with drugs. Anyone who blast or has dealt with any sort of gyno in the past or currently i believe raloxifene is something they should have in the stash.
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  2. JC Grifter

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    The more I’m hearing about it, I definitely want to try it out. And I hear it’s in stock now
  3. I placed an order for some Caber about a month ago. T/A was under 5 days and the quality is as expected with pharma grade products
  4. Akuj

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    Oh I see you're going private, I've ordered with you before however I will need to get an order in with you within the next week to re-up on a few things. Glad I came to check the thread just in time
  5. Very happy with T/A and quality. Guy does not fuck around.
  6. Johnny250

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    Any updates regarding hcg?
  7. Serono

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    Thanks for the feedback! My goal is to make it the best experience, every time :)
    Organon Pregnyl 5kiu in stock in limited qty. Limited to 2 per customer for the time being.

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  8. Lifteasy

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    My buddy just started a regimen with Raloxifene. He’s taking 60mg daily for 10 days and then will kick it down to 30mg daily till he feels that it’s working. I will post his progress on here when it is available.
  9. Dthcore

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    How is he dropping it to 30?
  10. dbolislife10

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    Serono is the man! Let me tell ya I’ve been dealing with sources internationally and domestically for years and this mania by far the most professional I’ve ever dealt with! Nice helpful and a man of his word keep up the good work bud! Fastest turnaround you will ever get hands down! Stay safe bud
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    @Serono I need to pick up some hcg. Any chance you have/can get US pharm grade b12 injections?
  12. Bootybeaver

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    Hey just wanted to post a quick review. T/A 2 business days. There was a missing item from the order. My email was answered within an hr and the issue was in the process of being resolved. Great communication, great customer service, and product authenticity is on point. Highly recommend....
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    very solid reviews so far. do you mind giving me a quote for a couple of bottles of fast acting insulin shipped to CA. pens works too.

    thank you!
  14. Serono

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    Thanks, appreciate it.
    Sorry, will not be stocking insulin again most likely.
  15. htxboy713

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    Business as usual. Great communication, fast shipping (2 business days). Thank you for you service- keep it up.
  16. JoeBlob12

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    Can anyone confirm with testing/bloodwork that his clomid and nolva is not bunk?
  17. Serono

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    Thanks buddy!
    There has been a lot of bloodwork posted over the years, especially on clomid and nolva as they are the most common for pct.
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    just received another order with the usual experience. he’s always quick to communicate, honest with his inventory levels, and gets things out right away. not someone checking their email once a week or making up random delays to keep money coming in
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  19. Wunderpus

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    Ralox is pretty effective if the gyno hasn't become fibrous IME
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    @Serono, damn bud, I didn’t realize you were my neighbor. Lol. Items got here super fast! Appreciate the way you handle business and that your communication is on point.
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