USAspetz Domestic Source for FDA Pharma meds, Orals, Injectables, Raws and GH

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    @hardbodygirl has a point, regardless of what people think of her, spetz was on point in communication, this was one week before everyone started busting his balls and decided to call it quits, once funds were received he pretty much said that the stuff was on its way, then he just stopped replying to emails and everything. I'm also wondering what his agenda was as I know @lucabratzi order a week after I did, and he was still able to get his stuff.
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    Selective scammer... was the label given to him by other members here, when i arrived on the scene last November. And i'd say he did a real fine job living up to that title.
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    @tacevedo i do and don't agree w @hardbodygirl that he was a selective scammer. I'm pretty sure you two are the only ones w orders that never got filled. So if that is the case yes he selectively scammed U. But I still don't understand why he did U giys and not everyone. I sent money when he made it clear he was getting out. My common sense says if he's never gonna sell again, not reply to people and rip someone off, why not rip everyone off. Why only a couple people. Just doesn't add up.

    I hope somehow U guys are made whole.
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    Yeah dude but this wasn't just about product arriving was it. The way this source seemed to favor some over others surely raises concerns as to how he may have been selective in what was being sent to some?
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    There were 2 other members, that didn't get their stuff either, I think one of them was @jakep, I'm sure there were other members that were scammed but never voiced it.
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    You can better dam believe there are more! Spetz isn't gonna post up a list of everyone he's screwed thats for sure! But he'll get whats coming to him! People like him always do!
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    Lol wow. I cringed so incredibly hard reading the last few pages of this thread.
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    Bro, no idea what you're ranting about or why, but check this out: shut the fuck up, sit your ass down, read a book, and be glad anybody cares enough about you in your life to listen to your verbal diarrhea.

    You have got to be a sad little man, who was picked on and bullied your whole life. You didn't have a voice. Nobody listened to you. Your parent (I guarantee you were raised in a single parent household) didn't have enough time or energy for you. You were alone and lost. You found out that online everyone has a voice. Over the years of trolling you realized the most popular people online were girls.

    So, how does a person get the most attention online? Go to forums that ate 99% men, pretend to be a strong opinionated woman, and get all the attention you crave. Soak it in bro. No matter how much lip service people give you here, your life still sucks, you're still a fuckboy who has nothing, and you still wake up in the morning and see the loser that you are staring back at you in the mirror.

    All of your responses are irrelevant because they're based on a lie. You tell 0 truths, and that is why nobody takes you seriously. Sorry bro, it can get better, just seek some professional health dude.

    I'm on mobile, and I don't care of I had typos, you get the point.
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    I haven't read the last few pages as closely as I could have. I'd like to quickly touch on 2 things....First; I'm not certain if I used a semi colon correctly just now? Anyhow, I am close to a WKN who receives (2)10ml Vials of Watson Test Cyp 200mg/ml each month for TRT which is covered by his insurance. I've heard others make similar claims but I can verify that the wkm I refer to gets this amount.
    Now, as I type this a thought flashes..perhaps my friend is also hbg? No. I'm joking big guy.
    Second; If I'm reading this correctly, there is still at least one member voicing that he has been ripped off? Also, hbg owes this spetz maggot money for gear she received on a front?
    This is simple. HBG, you may not care what the members here think of you. I bet that if you were to have come here at another time and got to know members and made friends you would have been open to better relations than where you stand at this time.
    I suggest that you take the balance of what you owe spetz and put it in the hands of a trusted member somehow(not me..i came up with this and shouldn't be taking the cash) who will pass it along to the member still owed.
    I may be reaching a bit but with the number of orders you had in a relatively short time one could deduce that you were getting some of the gear to guys at your gym. Gym prices being what they are and you being a well known and respected member there it's safe to say you did pretty well?
    I will propose that if you were to do this we will take you into the fold and I will even push for a day be named after you to honor your being so gracious. I'll even pay for you, brutus, and johnnyB to have breakfast in a sort of belated "Meet & Greet". You'll go down in the books as the one female member in recent memory that made a difference by not only getting over on a scam shit source but also helped take the sting away from a member that was scammed.
    Its a win, win, win, win that I hope you'll consider. Make a difference in the life of a scammed member. It will change your life.

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    I can't believe that Kevin spetz can still sell his trash on meso I haven't read 1 bit of this thread in months . not a fucking word I just was scrolling threw and saw spetz . HE STILL HERE,I said to my self. WHAT A JOKE IDC if he sells pharma grade , resells good gear,I bet he is still pushing his anabolic line. And I bet he still believes he can brew.all his gear not 1 or 2 compounds .HE IS A POS .I bet he still has his WKM followers backing him up,which I never could understand..mainly the one with no eyes .I don't get how some of the fellas COULDE'NT push this fool OUT .He almost never tells the truth . Fucking punk got so many pages of games he played WHY IS HE STILL HERE .all u Jr members read this shit from beginning its a good read .but in the end you will be asking yourself the same thing how is he still here .KEVIN, TIFF who ever you are your living large on members hard earned money but your a scum bag from jump.I bet jbalzz and a few other WKM and some good trusted brothers can back this up.
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    Hahaha.. Boston, Spetz has been gone for quite awhile..
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    Ahhhhb see I need to read just made me almost piss myself. Bro I'm slowly working my way back into my meso home that I truly missed. Just needed a break. So I'm skimming.OK all you NeWbiEZ hit the star button ,mark this important, what ever u got to do.So youz guyz don't have this nut JBALLZ reminding you to read dumb ass....TY JB
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    ^^^^^ If you got something to say about my know eyes? Beef was squashed along as time ago.
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    Lol thought i just did.
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    Ya know we as humans have a value system at least I do. And it goes something like this.When we go threw our day to day lives,we come across ppl.we asses them put them in categories. I got spetz in one category astro mike strong Obama, binladin ,cops the justice system all are in the same category. Some ppl that FUCK with those ppl in that category I just never underdosed why.because I looked at those ppl one way and now I've got to recalculate LOL it ain't NUTHING just switch categories...
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    You have a very vivid imagination! Did all that complete bullshit just pop into your head... or does it bounce around on the inside of your cranium just waiting for someone to practice it out on? I could give 2 shits what you think, so you kindly shut the fuck up yo! Call me a dude all you want, it doesn't bother me anymore, simply because i know whats between my legs... do you?
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    Just an idea from an innocent observer, but Ben had a suggestion that might go a long ways towards ending some of this stuff:

    USAspetz Domestic Source for FDA Pharma meds, Orals, Injectables, Raws and GH

    It may sound like he's being sarcastic, but I think there is a strong note of seriousness there. Consider it.
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    @biggerben69 ... with the wide back. That very thought had crossed my mind too. I agree that this would be a win-win also! I'll be glad to do the intro with the two WKM's as well... provided they are willing to meet? And i could care less about Spetz, Tom, Kevin, Tiff, or whoever he's impersonating rite now! Point being... he wasted enough of my time, and
    then shipped me a bunch of bullshit i didn't want on my last order, rite after he was run off from here with his tail between his legs! Do this thing you do and get back to me? And Thanks for the suggestion to a resolution... much respect!
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    Boston first I called it uncalled for to call me out especially a couple of month old thread. That you failed to read first before blowing up. Did you ever come to think that you might have some time of anger issue?you might want to get that checked out. Did you not get enough love from your mom?Maybe if you went back and sucked her tit. You might be able to alleviate some of those issues. I know it helped me. also you bring nothing but hate filth, and hostility to this fourm. I dont believe you have ever contributed anything other than nagging bitching. Did you ever come to think maybe this thing is not your bag you seemed to be fucked by every source that has ever been on meso or a least bitches about it. So before you go around calling others members out you need to check your self.
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