What is HST? How is it different?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Bryan Haycock, Feb 5, 2004.

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    Its not too good to be true, its the real deal. Read through some of the other HST threads and youll see some feedback from 11 and Chip, among others.
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    Isnt it funny, how the old Bulgarian Power burst program by Leo Costa is just like HST on a 6 day split? Leo must of been on to something before he changed it into a serious overtraining program.
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    Isnt it funny, how the old Bulgarian Power burst program by Leo Costa is just like HST on a 6 day split? Leo must of been on to something before he changed it into a serious overtraining program.

    Ill post it below, it has the progressive loading, increased frequency, and mechanical loading. Only thing, no Strategic deconditioning, but oh well

    Plus the training was not to failure:


    Week 1+2+3

    Monday(13-15 reps), Wednesday(10-12 reps), Friday(8-10 reps)

    Bench press: 3 sets

    Dumbbell Incline Press: 2 sets

    Wide grip Chins: 3 sets

    T-Bar Rows: 2 sets

    Barbell curls: 3 sets

    Alternate Dumbbell Curls: 2 sets

    Standing Calves: 3 sets

    Seated Calf: 2 sets

    Note: you do a set of bench presses, take one minute rest, do a set of wide grip chins, take one minute rest and repeat until the allotted three sets are done. You do the same of course with the other exercises. So you end up having two minutes or so rest between each set of each exercise. This allows you to go all out on each set. Do this for all exercises i.e.. alternate Dumbbell Incline Press with T-bar row and Barbell curls with Standing calf Raises. etc.

    Note 2: they also suggested to change exercises each work out. Something I personally do not like.

    The same holds for all days, of course.

    Tuesday(13-15 reps), Thursday(10-12 reps), Saturday(8-10reps)

    Squat: 3 sets

    Leg Press: 2 sets

    Seated Dumbbell Press: 3 sets

    Dumbbell Shrugs: 2 sets

    Lying EZ Bar Tricep Ext: 3 sets

    Pushdowns: 2 sets

    Incline Situps: 3 sets

    Lying leg raises: 2 sets

    Pick weights that make you work HARD but do not go to absolute failure!

    Stick with this workout for 3 weeks then change the reps to Mon and Tues 10-12, Wed and Thurs 8-10, Fri and Sat 6-8 for 3 weeks

    then drop to Mon and Tues 8-10, Wed and Thurs 6-8, Fri and Sat 4-6 for 3 more weeks

    then finish out at 3 weeks of Mon and Tues 6-8, Wed and Thurs 4-6, Fri and Sat 2-4.

    Make sure your adding weight as the reps are dropping. Most people find that they can go up at least 5-10 lbs per exercise every week as their body adapts to the frequency and volume.
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    didnt his program call for 5 sets of each? like 5 sets bench with 5 sets T-bar rows in between?
    i got that book back in 1991 i believe...great stuff!
    this past year i got his new book, serious growth II. my friend borowed it and never gave it back.
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    I dont know, i got it from another forum where they posted this program. I thought it was the original Bulgarian power burst, the one before Serious growth. I have serious growth 1 and Titan training, and this seemed different from them both. Can you post some of that book you got in 1991? Thnx
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    OHH i'm definitly intersted in this now!! CHIP!! Let the games begin!!
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    If its the load that important in hst and not fatique, why not just do sets of 5 all the way through, starting with the normal starting weight of 15 reps, and just increase weight like you normaly would in HST?

    I understand that the sets of 15 reps are more for your joints, but if you dont have these problems, why not just stick to 5 reps all the way through?
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    Well, theoretically you could. Its just that with weight loads so light during the 15s, there is not enough time under tension to really elicit any kind of real response by the tissue.

    Plus, although load is the primary goal in HST, there are certainly benefits from the metabolic stress of higher reps.

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    For every method before HTS, you must buy a book, or a course, or a magazine, while HST is completely free, so this is something new and strange.....something to think about........
    Every things that I discover effective about training and diet, on me and on other people, I don't give free to everybody.
    Why HTS is completely free? I think this is the real difference....
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    Well, some people who know me might tell you that HST is free because I'm a horrible business man. :D

    In reality, HST is free because it isn't a formula or secret combination of sets, reps, or anything else. Hypertrophy-Specific Training is a "genre" of training...its a "type" of training that people do when their sole purpose is muscle growth. It is distinguishable from strength training only if you understand both the principles and physiology of strength training and hypertrophy training.
    Many people fail to understand this. They assume that HST is a specific routine that you either like or don't like. You don't see people claiming that "strength training" works or doesn't work for them. When you say I've been using strength training, they ask you what routine...they don't assume they already know what you've been doing just because they've read about "strength training".

    The reason for this misunderstanding goes way back in how resistance exercise came about (yes, even before Delorme Watins). People didn't start out doing resistance exercise to get bigger muscles; they began doing it to get stronger! Hence, in the earliest of days, when you said "strength training" there was no need to say "Strength-Specific Training" because there was no other kind of training. The aspects of muscle growth were not sufficiently understood to modify training routines to favor growth over other effects.

    In short, with no further rambling, HST is free because I have always been passionate about muscle growth and how to induce it. When you are passionate about something you don’t think to charge people…you just want to share what you know in hopes that like minded people will benefit from what you know.

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    Hey Bryan....you take a 4 year piss break bro? :) Not that I'm complaining...thats a pretty interesting read.
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    My day job had kept me away...but now I have more time to get online and see how everybody is doing.
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    I have hear many good things about you. Welcome (Or Welcome Back) to Meso!
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    Thanks Dr. Scally.
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