What's your favorite weight training exercise?

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by basskiller, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. fit2beking

    fit2beking Member

    Pendlay rows and static curls
  2. BR1217

    BR1217 Member

    I love to Squat, Deadlift all that stuff. The exercise I look forward to doing Is weighted pull ups! Sweetest back pump ever!
  3. BR1217

    BR1217 Member

    A close second is Barbell Skull Crushers!
  4. Candyskull

    Candyskull Member

    Hey, some of us try to keep fat lower to stay in lower weight classes :drooling:

    Also, good mornings. That's probably my favorite assistance exercise right now.
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  5. JackC4

    JackC4 Member

    Deads all day, been getting back pumps like a motherfucker lately though
  6. BR1217

    BR1217 Member

    I hear you with the back pumps! A couple years ago I was running Test, Deca, and Dbol. I couldn't get through a whole deadlift workout due to the extreme lower back pumps. I have been reading lately that large doses of Taurine help eliminate this problem. Not sure on dose though.
  7. dnoyez

    dnoyez Member

    try 5 grams next time
  8. dnoyez

    dnoyez Member

    He said pick one so for me its deads all the way....I get a whole body pump and feel like a bull when I deadlift.:explode:
  9. sebas1231

    sebas1231 Member

    I love squats nothing feels better then having a whole
    Bunch of weight on your back
  10. smiles

    smiles Member

    good mornings are fucking awesome for your lower back, the first time I did them I over did'em and couldn't stand straight for a day or two, I think I ended up pulling a muscle really bad or just pushed it way to far... weighted hyperextensions are really good too...
  11. fatfatfatfat

    fatfatfatfat Junior Member

    deads for life
  12. smiles

    smiles Member

    Preacher curl with barbell, hell yeah building mountains....
  13. Demondosage

    Demondosage Member

    deadlifts, hands down. They use more muscles than any other lift you could execute
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  14. pittbox

    pittbox Member

    You didn't have to do a lot with those t-rex arms though:eek::eek::eek:
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  15. smiles

    smiles Member

    Hahaha to shay... :)
  16. smiles

    smiles Member

    behind the neck pull ups in between work outs on back days, with just body weight, or added weights, either way it is good for shredding up your back...
  17. raysugar1234

    raysugar1234 Member

    Weighted dips are my Favorite exercise to do, then pullups..
  18. element00

    element00 Member

    Haha what's with all you freaks that love squats and deadlifts? :) bent over rows for me.
  19. 03xx52

    03xx52 Member

    Weighted back hyoerextensions...kind of awkward getting the weight on your back buts it feels amazing.
  20. Candyskull

    Candyskull Member

    You do them on a reverse hyper?