Who is training at home now that gyms are closed in some states? Coronavirus

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by master.on, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. ergomaniac

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    A gallon of water is 128 ounces. It weighs about 8 lbs. Its easy to make several 5 and 10 lb bags. Throw them in a backpack and get to work.
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  2. 4Figgy

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    Thank God for friends with home equipment! CBE07CCD-5D55-4736-A26C-9628B0F9C2BE.jpeg A497EF78-A505-4D61-AC57-1E9AD7B5DF44.jpeg
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  3. master.on

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    They will keep everything shutdown until November. Dems in leftist shitholes want to blame Trump for the failing economy.

    Maybe you can get a job there as a security guard?
    Preferably during the night shift when nobody is there so you can train all you want AND get paid for it.

    45# is enough.
    You may need to make dumbell bench press more fly like.
    Same for working shoulders but 45# is enough.

    Lots of cheap yet doable girls around.
    You won't believe how far can $100 go these days (well I'm somewhat good looking, jacked, fun and have fun conversation skills). They may well do it for free, but maybe you're not really paying them for sex but paying them to LEAVE after you're done.

    The only downside is that you have to drive to pick them up (we don't have a full lockdown here).

    Water doesn't weigh that much. You'll strain your wrists and from them not having proper handles.
    IMO best to order some proper dumbbells online, either new or used at Ebay or something.
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  5. kosp

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    Same here. I have already watched all porn modalities on the net, as I was previously doing a long non-porn time (about 4-6 months), I had a nice dopamine boost.

    I realized I am obsessed with assholes, I don't know if I should worry.
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  6. Jankauskas

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    You are already past the point where you should worry.... ;)
  7. Gbro

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    You might want to get some input from @chileandawg
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    Same here. Of all varieties. Small, large, brown, pink. Winking. Not so much gaping. Guess I’m not that bad.
  9. chileandawg

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    Hey I jerk only with straight porn.

    BTW dopamine factor, I don´t believe that sexual abstinence boosting the sexual desire with a better performance than porn. But you can see some meditatives benefits due not viewing porn. Two things very diffrents.

    I think musical therapy is great to release the emotional pain stored in the limbic system. So doing your favourite music with the band you will need that energies.
  10. Gbro

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    So you prefer German death metal when you watch gay porn? Just watching it, of course....
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  11. sinewave3

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    Anyone see any barbells left for under $300? I had one on order but they screwed up and something else arrived instead and now barbells look to be sold out online. Rogue was hit so hard their site wasn’t even taking orders over the weekend!

    I don’t need anything special, no lifts over 400. Craigslist has a couple bars one but looking one for $200 and a home made one for 100 so forget that.

    Might get one of those 3 piece ones from big 5 and use that till it breaks.
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  12. Btcowboy

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    Been looking myself and no luck thus far
  13. sinewave3

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    I ordered one of these, will see if it ships. Lots of places seem to accept orders then a week later cancel on you. 20kg Men's Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell

    Also saw the rogue 2” axle is like $140-150 + shipping and rated at 450lbs. I have used axles like that and it murders the forearms doing deadlifts even with less weight.
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  14. Btcowboy

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    Noticing everyone is on the hunt for equipment to train at home myself included. I had to have a laugh when I came across this one lol
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