Why MESO is tough on sources

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by BigBaldBeardGuy, Jun 8, 2020.

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    Mindless is a pathetic weirdo chameleon. He’s not doing it for anything besides some hope of online acceptance.
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    Thanks! My spider senses were telling me that I could find him there but I appreciate you confirming it for me!!

    I feel as if I should offer you some advice in return, I was going to say that women shouldn't take high doses of dbol, but @Villain took a break from the clitoris thread to tell me that Mindless already shared that gem with everyone!

    So I guess you'll have to settle for don't buy Praetorian gear LOL!
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  3. Are you guys asleep at the wheel? LOL

    Praetorian HPLC testing requests - Page 5

    The excuses have already started. Surely it can't be Praetorian. It must be the raws supplier..... or Jano... or little elves that run around the lab at night. And most definitely the rep Custom had nothing to do with it since he is such a stand up guy. I've known Custom for years and he is a slime ball. He got booted years ago from ASF for a Xanax scam, and somehow he got reinstated years later.
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    My apologies! Im honestly just frustrated on behalf of the USPS guy who apparently rowed the mail all the way to the Czech Republic by himself! Do you have any idea how hard that is??

    I was joking in the ExpressPCT that I should have used Christopher Columbus Intl non-express shipping and for the price of a few oranges to fend of scurvy for the sailors I could have got my shit there in 36 days!

    Instead I blew $70 with USPS and judging by Janos post today that he is getting stuff shipped on March 13th Ill be lucky if my stuff gets there by August.
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    Now, if he could only find the clitoris....
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    Bro. I can’t even
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    That’s some fucked up shit! ASF is a fucking joke. That many products fucked up and they’ll give Praetorian chances? Total scam.

    This is exactly why gear needs to be tested.
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    In a week the Santa Maria will be lapping these motherfuckers LOL!
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    Surprise Surprise! What a disgraceful Board and Lab
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    LMAO! I couldn't let you guys have all the fun. Just made my first post over there. Screenshot_20200626-184935.png
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    Praet did have a good track record before this. I know some guys that have been running it before they came to ASF. Now this whole thing. I told myself I was done sourcing from ASF awhile back but because I knew people personally that use praet I said fuck it. Now it seems I have about 400 dollars of strange dosed nandralone multi ester and eq blend. Woohoooo. I felt weird as fuck when I was blasting it. I'd have to figure out the math to figure out the exact dosage what it all was.
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    Hey, don’t make fun of me just because I have an innie
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    That didnt take long to get deleted. Were you banned?
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    @lifter6973 Had to go check. It doesn't seem like I'm banned. They just deleted everything I said. LMAO...weak ass motherfuckers don't want me messing with the group cognitive dissonance going on over there, I guess.
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  15. I heard that too...
    I was a bully.
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    Damn, second batch of blind vials that I was able to guess were Praet's, so I could execute my carefully planned vengeance for god-knows-what. :eek:
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    How can you say they had a good track record? No testing was done except pre arranged bloods
  18. What exactly what did OD do to run you guys off? Just curious. What's funny about him is he has a ton of money. Travels all the time. I could never figure out why he needs to get free gear.
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    Your posts were deleted by custom, not a mod or admin. You didn’t break any rules so you can’t be banned. Custom controls his sub forum. It’s not up to mods to moderate his section. If we someone breaking the rules, we usually notify the rep and send the poster a pm explaining the violation. I’ve been watching that thread to make sure the source isn’t hiding any posts and to make sure people don’t go in with guns blazing. There was a lot of speculation and accusations with jswole’s testing, so we gave praetorian a chance to prove him right or wrong. I believe that was the right thing to do because of the controversy. So with that said, they’ve had their chance and proved jswole right and unveiled a scam. I have no doubt that they will be removed. This is a black and white scam, whether it was known or not to custom is neither here nor there.
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    That custom seems like a nice fella.

    I'm sure he apologized to me and @Jswole220 somewhere over there and I just missed that.
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