Women's test dose

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    Good info
    Any bloodwork data?
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    It puts her in the high end of the normal range, and she feels really good. She’s 42, before she started doing trt her levels were on the very bottom of range, she was having low T symptoms. So it’s been a good move for her now that we’ve got the dosage right.

    Mix it at a low concentration it makes precise low mg dosing actually possible. Otherwise it’s more of a guess. Just a couple milligrams off for a woman can cause problems. A 10ml bottle of test mixed at 50mg/ml lasts roughly 83 weeks at the dose she’s using. The stopper might wear out before she uses it all.

    Good luck with your girl friend, take it low and slow and you’ll both be happy.
    Update this post when you can on how it’s working for her.
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    Thank you for the advice. I was thinking 100, but 50 makes even more sense. 12ml is 6mg . Easy peasy!
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    Why don't you guys take a 10ml vial of steril oil, remove 1ml of plain oil and add 1ml of 250mg/ml test.
    That would make a 25mg/ml 10ml vial that will be really easy to use, like .25ml wouls yield 6.25mg
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    No reason why it wouldn’t, I think the key is to keep the hormone concentration low enough to allow for accurate micro dosing for woman.
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    I tried subq. I didn’t feel anything. Does she?
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    In terms of pain, feels nothing. In terms of effects, she really feels it when she doesn't take it for a couple of weeks