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    He's talking about knee wraps. Are you asking about straps for holding onto a deadlift? Your grip should grow with your deadlift, especially strong hands to begin with. I've never missed a heavy deadlift because of grip or failed on high volume work because of grip. I was very anti straps for years, but I got straps now for two reasons. The first is to save my hands, doing a lot of sets and reps at 600+ with a deadlift bar can really tear your hands up to the point where it hurts training. The second is for certain movements I want the equal lat activation without worrying about double overhand or hook grip failure being an issue. Like Romanian deadlift for example. Or today I used them on my regular light sets because I'm worried about slightly rotating and aggravating my last injury.
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  2. Ahh yeah I misread.
    I only use wraps kn my wrists for bench.
    It takes too much time to wrap knees for squat, I stick with my sleeves.

    I'm of the same mind, straps arent allowed at meets... so we should train without them.

    I have no problem with heavy days.
    hut Volume days... my forearms are cramping up hard when I'm reaching my later sets.

    I guess I should just train forearms a bit more eh?
    As opposed to straps
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  3. Worf

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    I agree with @Perrin Aybara on this one. I don’t use straps for DL any more, only for secondary movements like shrugs and rows. I can’t say it a completely bad idea but don’t get too used to them. I have the Pioneer leather straps
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    Yeah, I did my first two meets with knee wraps. Got tired of wrapping. Sleeves all the way for me now too.

    Nah, just deadlift more and adapt. Forearm training not necessary unless you just like doing it.
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  5. Worf

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    Today’s Training

    Heavy Bench/ Accessories

    comp Bench
    70kg x5
    100kg x1
    120kg x1
    140kg x1*
    120kg x3
    110kg x5
    90kg x8

    Wide Grip Bench
    70kg 3x6

    Alternating Dbell Curls S/S Seated Dbell Tricep Press
    25’s 3x10 / 50lb 3x10

    Hanging Leg Curls
    Bw x 12,15,20

    * May Have missed the 140kg (308 lb) rep, my ass was starting to lift but I couldn’t really tell. Felt like there was still contact but I was more focused on pressing. No issue with lock out just had my feet a bit wide, other wise my setup was good. Every thing else moved well.
    4 weeks out. Starting to feel pretty beat up, so I’m right on track LOL. Weights are feeling much heavier. Been managing PR’s on lower body stuff but bench feels stagnant. I’m sure a deload will help but I’m not sure about the timing. Maybe some light bench days are in order until it’s time to max out.
  6. Worf

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    Yesterday’s Training

    Speed Deadlifts/ Accessories

    Conventional DL
    275+120# band at the top 6 sets 1 rep

    225+120# band 3x1
    275+120lb band 4x1

    Rev Hyper
    90x15, 180x15, 270 x15

    Box Jumps
    24” x6
    36” x6

    45* Back Ext
    Green monster Mini 3x10 (speed reps)

    Felt good to do some speed pulls, I think speed work has quite a bit of carry over on Bench and deadlifts for me. Squats no so much, still may throw something in there from time to time. Finally beginning to manage my fatigue felt pretty good going into the day. Unfortunately I had to go back to work after the gym and install a heavy motor and worked late. So the fatigue is back,lol.
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    I believe speed work is what propelled my deadlift through the plateau, honestly. It’s had a ton of carry over for me, as well.
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  8. Worf

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    Finally got my blood drawn for the doc. Now I can start a short blast of some sort. Planning on 350mg wk test prop probably throw in some var. Not quite sure how much I’ll get from it since it’s so close to the meet. Prop hits pretty quick and so do orals so maybe by meet day I’ll see some improvements
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    Tested? YOLO that shit and pin a G of ace on top.
    Jk lol.
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  10. Worf

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    No testing that I know of. I’m also trying to keep my weight down so that’s another thing.

    Thinking about throwing some mast in there too might be worth it, not sure
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  11. Worf

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    Today’s Training

    Heavy Squats/ Accessories

    Comp Squats, Squat Bar
    145x5,235x5, 325x2
    Add Wraps
    465x2 (Wraps PR)

    Rack Pulls Conventional ( Mid Shin ) Deadlift Bar
    135x5, 2252x5
    315 3x5 w/straps

    Kettle Bell Swings
    50x10,60x10, 70x15

    Leg Extensions
    45lb 2x15 explosively

    Band Thigh Masters
    Heavy Beige Band 3x30 feet up, 3x25 feet down

    Finally got the fatigue dissipated, took the last few days off work and just doin speed work on Thursday really help my CNS. Used the Elite FTS 3m Patriot Wraps, felt pretty damn good. Not sure if the PR was for the wraps or getting some rest the past few days. I’ll most likely use these for the meet. Seem like the best balance of pop/ stop for me at these weights. Still have to try out the Pioneer Black mambas but might wait til post meet. I’d also like to get the Pioneer phantoms and the Inzer grippers but one 5ing at a time here ,lol.
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  12. Worf

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    Today’s Training
    Med Bench/ accessories

    Speed Bench
    135 + 20lb bands 4x3

    Comp Bench
    120x2 (missed a 3rd on butt lift)

    Dbell Rows
    50 lb 3x10
    Dbell side lateral raises
    10lb 3x20

    Tricep Rollout Dbell
    30’s 3x10

    Lying Floor leg raises

    cable Tricep Extensions, grenade attachment
    20lb x20,15,15

    Bench Felt like total dog shit. Not sure if it’s because I cut back on frequency or if I’m just getting burned out from the other lifts. I guess I need to go back to twice a week or at least every 5 days Bench. Not that my bench was a big lift for me but this is really getting bad.
  13. Worf

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    So I tried mixing 1cc of test prop and 1 cc of mast prop in the same barrel and cutting with 1cc of sterile gso. Still had some serious pip, the short esters get me with pip especially in MCT. Was planning on doing that eod. SO yesterday I did 1/2cc test p, 1/2cc mast p and 1cc sterile gso for a total of 2cc injection, plan on doing this Ed. 10mg var everyday (yes bitch dose I know).

    So total of
    300 mg testP/wk
    300 mast P/ wk
    10 mg var/day.
    We’ll see how this goes
  14. Btcowboy

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    3cc at one time yikes
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  15. Worf

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    Yea, too much oil. Thinking I’m not a short ester fan
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    Funny thing I was just saying to the wife I wouldn't mind doing a tren run with Tren A and the e2d pins may as well get some prop and do a short 6 week run... I dont know if I could do that many pins plus the pip lol
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  17. NovaFlex

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    Oh come on... I’m doing 5 CCs with this 200mg shit lol... both quads and an ass cheek. No pip tho, thankfully. Symbiotics stuff is pretty good for that.
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  18. Btcowboy

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    Haha lucky you...
    I get pip from cyp every week lol
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  19. Two Propionate Esters at 200mg/Ml would put me down lol.
    I'm not surprised at the PIP even after diluting it.

    I prefer Cyp, can throw 3 cc in the barrel with no issues.

    @Btcowboy , that sucks man.
    What carrier do you use?

    I had minor pip from CYP in GSO, switched to MCT and zero pip
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    I asked when I first started using the lab, pretty sure its GSO. I dont get bad pip or get it all the time but it is common for me and usually only a day or two. Your Canadian and I bet we have used the same lab, who I am more than happy with. I think most of my pip is technique as far as movement
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