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  1. Voltrader

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    Wow it has been a while since one of peps lil bitches showed up around here.
  2. Voltrader

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    Nice call I see it now

  3. @Brad Rice and @binakaveru are also Contagion. Expect more.
  4. Cole

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    Even if they had the best damn gear on the planet (which they didn't) who wants to deal with the bullshit threats that they were throwing around!!!!
  5. pmac928

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    You think do huh? How's about the hundreds of bunk bottles of prop sent to meso customers? Or the death threats? No pep isn't alright and neither are you. Fuck off
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  6. loveyourbody

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    I orders from pep a while back and from my experience his stuff is bunk just oil in a vail from my personal experience.
  7. 54chev

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    That shit made me sick and my eyes turned yellow after 3rd or 4th pin..might of had hormone in it but who knows what else. Never bloated up so much in my life either. Was not due to estrogen and ive never been allergic to anything in my life. That was after 1 week. Who knows how many people had bad reactions that you never heard about. Just because theyre not on meso or other forums to post about it..who knows if someone with similar reaction was naive and rolled with it what could of happened to them.
  8. Mr.Bravo

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    Hey come on guys hes just a pos bath tub brewer, cant we cut him some slack.joke fuck off you cock suck7n shills and go mane line his snake oil.
  9. lucabratzi

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    I thought he was out of business. Why are we still gettin shills bumping this thread?
  10. pmac928

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    The site is gone. He's a drug addict guck him. I wasted a bunch of months run nj g that trash. But I got the last laugh he forgot to pick up funds and still sent the pack( not that it was good) so I hit my money back.
  11. dooby

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    Hmm it makes me wonder, I was running his stuff back in January and I ended up with bacterial meningitis which almost killed me and I had to get part of my brain removed Cuz of it and now my life is ruined until I get back
  12. dnoyez

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    Im sorry to hear this...karma will sort things out,its sad as he had great promises and promotions.Well lets hope that the post pep labs take into consideration the real pain and suffering that may be imposed on the end user from not properly or even having the info,doe and time to produce a safe product.Or care.
  13. dnoyez

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    The tnt floaters early on should had been a clear signal to stay away.
  14. av ultra

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    This is why we give sources such a hard time!!!
    Hate to bump this thread again but anybody that says we chase sources out needs to read this post from dooby.
    Part of your brain removed, damn.
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