You ever deal with people who think you look unnatural and just dont' get it?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by GymRat79, Jul 27, 2017.

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    Most men will say this because they dont look like they want to. Maybe not IFBB level, but certainly like damn near anyone on this forum. If they were told they could take a pill w/ minimal side effects and look like the men they critisize, 11 out of 10 would say yes.

    And a lot of women don't like muscular men because it makes them feel inadequate and uneasy. If you look ripped and they look like a shaved cookie monster, they'll feel bad about themselves. Uneasy because they'll always think you're out looking at more attractive women.

    Just make it easy on yourself, only talk to men at the gym or who compete, and marry a female convict at a local prison. No bullshit, just weekly conjugal visits.
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    I'd suck a fart out anyone in their butts
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    You had ESPN when you were a kid...fuck Im old.
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    ^^^^ Underated post
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    I forgot where I read it at (id have to look into it) , but pertaining to the whole women prefer dad bod's bs they did a survey and that isn't quite true .. they showed women pics of different male bodies and asked which men they were mostly likely to have one night stands with and almost completely across the board women picked men with muscular defined physiques ... but when the did the same test and asked which men they most likely would marry they picked the more fat outta shape (obtainable ) looking men ... they basically chalked it up to women prefer dad bod's only because its a safer option , less likely to cheat , stay around , stay committed to them and such , not necessarily because thats who they prefer to fuck...

    on a side though , I notice I get pretty mixed reactions from people .. im not freaky huge or anything , but definitely dont look anywhere near average... some people talk shit and ask dumb questions like" how big do you really wanna be blah blah blah " and other people love it , so to each there own ... but you know who generally does love it ....FITNESS HOES !!! At the end of the day those are the only girls im trying smash anyways , and I do this shit for me anyways could really care less about someone elses opinion .. they could never understand it anyways ...
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    Big muscles attract.....period. End of story.

    Let me clarify. Not fat with big muscles. Sub 10% bf and huge.
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    A dad bod can be attractive because it signals that the person does indulge in "vices," which we humans all want to at times. Too lean a body signals the person is under a heavy discipline that is self-imposed (e.g. "no fun").

    Add to the fact such lean bodies only exist on muscle magazines for most folks (e.g. unusual and/or unattainable), it is not strange that some women are more attracted to dad bod types.
  8. grey

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    It also signals "security" to a lot of younger women.
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    Having muscles also brings confidence which most woman are attracted to. We still have to bring some kinda game though if you wanna close the deal. Hot woman just have to wait for us even if they're dumb as shit cuz we're animals. Lol.
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    The irony is more dudes want to talk to me about lifting,diet,or gear rather than woman so that backfired a little.
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