1. Football

    New to everything!

    I'll be starting my first cycle once I find a decent source, Thinking of 40mg Dbol 40mg Tren A 0.5mg of Arimidex I'm an athlete, so I'm lot trying to look any bigger, just need the strength and athletic gains! Any input would be very appreciated guys, :D
  2. M

    NEED HELP !! for first cycle hcg advice.

    I'm doing my first cycle Week 1-6 test p 100mg eod Week 1-4 dbol 30mg ed Adex 0.5mg eod Pct: Nolva 40/40/20/20 Clomid 50/50/25/25 Now do I need to run HCG for this cycle and if yes what's the preferred dosage and which weeks .
  3. Spike Man

    Test E, Tren E, Sust 250, Dbol..cycle salvage help please

    Good evening fellas, I have ran 4 cycles thus far and all of them have included Test E and Dbol for the most part with some added in Sust on the later cycles, however I have never used Tren of any kind and it was not on purpose that I have come to acquire a bottle of it. With that being said, I...
  4. C

    Primo, Test, Dbol, Winny, Anavar Cycle

    I'll start by saying this is my first time joining a forum as such or posting any type of blog that involves anabolics. That said, I am about to run this cycle in 2 months and would like some feedback for those who are advanced and know. Stats: Age: 27 Height: 6'4" Weight: 225 LB BF:6% Past...
  5. C

    Complex Cycle Advice

    I'll start by saying this is my first time joining a forum as such or posting any type of blog that involves anabolics. That said, I am about to run this cycle in 2 months and would like some feedback for those who are advanced and know. Stats: Age: 27 Height: 6'4" Weight: 225 LB BF:6%...
  6. BuckEighty

    Dbol for cutting?

    A buddy of mine is planning on running test, var, winny and dbol to finish off his cut. I asked him if he was worried about the dbol bloating him up, but he said he knows what he's doing. I believe he's been cycling on and off for almost 10 years but I'm not sure exactly how many cycles he's run...
  7. RomanEmpire25

    Dragon Pharma Dbol?

    Has anyone had experience with Dragon Pharma? They're 20mg tabs which is the first time I've seen this dose. Usually see 10 or 50 but not 20. Gonna give it a try anyways but if anyone has experience with it leave some info
  8. Eatclenand69

    Tren E + Test E

    Hello guys, So last year I ran; Test E - 500mg/week Dbol - 60mg/Daily (4 weeks) PCT - Clomid & Nova Enjoyed it when I was on but lost a lot of gains. Thinking for my next cycle to run Test E with Tren E, is this a good idea? I want to use HCG as well, and also wondering if I should use it...

    Football Cycle

    Whats up men, I am a College Football player getting ready for my Senior year of College. I was 289 before break and feeling great. After Spring Ball I dropped to 260. Monday I am trying to start a cycle that will involve Week one 40 mg of Anavar with 1cc of Prop Monday,Wednesday and Friday...
  10. A

    Cycle Advice?

    Stats Age:22 Height:6ft 3 Weight:105kg (229 lbs) BF: 12-13% Calorie intake:6500 Daily First cycle was just straight Dbol at 60mg ED Saw solid results and im keen to give them another go Now looking to run: Weeks 1-12 Test E 500mg Weeks 1-6 Dbol 50mg ED Weeks 1-12 Aromasin 12.5mg ED Weeks...
  11. A

    Need help for first oral cycle

    I've been looking into Winny, Dbol, Tbol, Anavar ect. I'm deploying overseas and can't get needled shipped out to me or that's the first thing that I would do! I'm just not able to! I find something I like and do research but end up at a dead end it seems. I am 73in (6"1') 180lbs (skinny) 22...
  12. T

    Virgin Cycle!!!!!!

    Hi everyone. After a year of consideration I have finally decided to run my first cycle. I am 6'0 , 190lbs , and 20 years old (with 6 years lifting experience). My cycle would include - Test E , 250 per pin , pin 2x's a week , 10 weeks. My pct would be clomid 100 daily for first week, 100...
  13. Said Sakas

    Halo 2 weeks before meet ?

    Hello , i am an 19 years old guy who have been training for 3 years and 4 months. 198lb class. Im preparing for my first meet in 7th of April ( 2 weeks ) and thinking of running Halo or Anavar for 2 weeks only as i saw that people got a really good results from running one of these two ( mostly...
  14. Abuh17

    Test e/dbol cycle

    Hey guys this is my first real cycle and would appreciate some feedback. I'm 22 now and have been lifting since I was 15. My first cycle was dbol for 4 weeks when I was 17. Didn't run a pct or anything (it was going around the football team). I'm 5'8 170 lbs today. My one issue is my bp, since I...
  15. T

    Low Dose of Dbol?

    What are the potential issues of running a low dose of dbol (say, 10-20 mg/daily)? Would a lower dose allow for muscle mass gains but curb the possibility of hair loss. Thanks in advance for your help.
  16. T

    Dbol and the Potential for Hair Loss

    I'm just about to start a new cycle consisting of the following: Dianabol (30 mg/day) for 4 weeks Test Enth 250 mg (1 cc twice weekly) for 12 weeks Deca durabolin (1 cc twice weekly) for 12 weeks Anastrozole or Aromisin during the cycle PCT to follow from weeks 13-16 However, I'm concerned...
  17. RoidyNoob

    Oxandrolone and methandienone from Vermodje.

    Hey guys new to this site and just wanted to know your thoughts on my latest oral purchase from the infamous or not, Vermodje Labs. Anybody had recent experience with these compounds? Thanks a bunch people
  18. R

    An interesting predicament - need your help!

    So here's the deal. I've been preparing for an event which is taking place early March. It was going to be drug tested, but I just found it that it is not going to be anymore, which changes everything. I've been purposely going with short-ester stuff with the intention of cutting them off with...
  19. K

    Could you give your opinion on my beginner cycle

    So to start this will be my 2nd cycle, its been over a year now and I think I'm ready to go again. I want put on some mass so the cycle will go as follows: 1-12 test e 500mg/week 1-4 dbol 30 mg ed 1-12 adex 0.5mg eod 3-12 hcg 500iu / week 14-19 nolva:clomid 40:50 20:50 20:25 20:25 20:25 is the...
  20. case3307

    D/bol T/bol Sust question. Please Help

    So my "normal" cycle is; 12 weeks 500 mgs of Sustanon/ week - 250 on Monday - 250 on Thursday 40 mgs of Dbol / daily - first 4 weeks to kickstart Nolva/ Chlomid for pct and gyno management. I have run this cycle probably 6 times and always made good gains. I ordered from my normal source and...