1. W

    Test E/Deca cycle hair loss

    I'm looking for any experience or help with this current cycle. Stats: 25 years old, 6'0", 225 lbs. The dosages I'm taking are Test E 600mg/wk, Deca 500mg/wk, and I ran dbol at 40mg/wk for the first 4 weeks. I'm in week 6 and the past couple of weeks I've noticed my hair starting to thin out. I...
  2. T

    Which AI for my first cycle?

    Hello all, I'm planning my first cycle as I've recently transitioned into the world of competitive bodybuilding coming 3rd in my last competition. I'm not looking to blow up as quick as possible so the cycle isn't going to be as "hardcore" as some of you may suggest, plus if my first cycle is...
  3. Gbaby12

    Dianbol and Anadrol

    Buddy of mine has some Abombs, and come late march I'm going to be running Dbol 30mg-40mg 6weeks taken preworkout Test E 600mg 12weeks 300mgs Monday and Thursday PCT Clomid 100,50,50 Nolva 40,40,20,20 Diet 4000-6000cals a day all protein carbs, Dirty bulk but No Junk food or Fast food, Pizza...
  4. A

    Injectable Anadrol & Dbol vs. Oral Anadrol & Dbol

    Thinking of doing adding some Anadrol or Dbol into my cycle for maybe 3-4 weeks this would be my first time with Anadrol but my second time with Dbol. A friend of mine just let me have 2 vials 1 of Anadrol and one of Dbol. How does the inject versions compare to the oral and which are easier to...
  5. Gbaby12

    The Horrors of DBOL

    People on these forums be like... DBOL with shut you down... All of you're gains will go away... never take Dbol.... Dbol is the Devil... The Devil is alive... water retention... your liver will look like that of a 40year old alcoholic in just 6 weeks... Dbol will make you grow boobs... Dbol...
  6. S

    FIRST CYCLE 20 Years old powerlifter.

    As im new here I would like to introduce myself. I'm a 20 years old powerlifter 181lbs class. 500/280/515 squats with wraps only. I'm training at a powerlifting gym here in Germany. As im studying german right now and im starting to study in the University in October. Till now everything is...
  7. Gbaby12

    It's Chest Day

    Today is Chest day, you need that pump before you go out to your friends this Friday night to show them how much better you are then all of them. So eat a handful of dbol, drink a monster, and get to the gym a half hour before it closes at 9. your normally doing 225 but slap an extra 45 on there...
  8. Gbaby12

    Supplements and Steroids

    What benefits do you get from taking supps like BCAAs, Creatine, Beta-alanine, etc. on cycle? I believe protein is necessary, but is all the other stuff really worth it to take on cycle? Do certain steroids coincide/ with supplements possibly enhancing effectiveness? say maybe Dbol and Creatine...
  9. Gbaby12

    Tren dick

    Hi all, I'd like to introduce myself. I started in training highschool as a swimmer, glory days I swam a 23sec 50yd free, weighed 160lbs lean like an Ethiopian. Now I Work as Roofer and weight train. I am 22 weigh 225lbs 6'2" height and my bench is. 225lbs 3 sets of 10. I'm finishing up a 4week...
  10. Gbaby12

    How long should I wait to run my next cycle.

    In week 4 of my first cycle (dbol only) I never want to come off, but pct with Novla will begin next Wednesday. I'm scared that Im going to piss out weight and get all depressed. I have two 600mg vials of test laying around and more dbol that I'm going to want to take asap. So how long do I have...
  11. Scottyhash74

    NPP 150 PROP TREN ACE DBOL MYOSTATIN 8wk Lean Bulk 8wk. Recomp Extension

    Hello Im new to this particular forum but always reference it periodically. Stats: 203lbs Age 42 BF% 15 roughly according to 3pt. Calipers 4-5 cycles over the yrs. All compounds have been used b4. Products on hand- All Geneza except NPP 150 x 2 from Dragon Pharma. Dbol 20mgs@ 100 tabs Tren Ace...
  12. primus

    Old school d-bol cycle

    Is there any truth to all these old school cycles from the 70's that include dbol at 50mg per day, anywhere from 6 to 16 weeks at a time?
  13. M

    Ordering third cycle. TREN, DECA or something else?

    Hey guys, I've done two cycles so far and I'm in my early twenties. If you're going to talk shit about my age, don't bother because I've heard enough, learned enough and I've already made my decision. Recovered perfectly fine both times and retained 3/4 of my gains each time with bacne being the...
  14. J

    HCG and DBOL

    Fellas, I was looking for some advice on a DBOL and HCG only cycle for a friend of mine. He doesn't have Test at the moment and wants to give it a try. I told him don't do it, however I wanted to get advice from some veterans. He thinks that running the HCG along with the DBOL will help...
  15. N

    Pharmacom proviron and dbol cycle

    It’s my first cycle and for some reasons I’ve decided to go for an oral only cycle ( I know that is wrong but I wanted to go very slow with aas use and I wasn’t able to pin myself…now my opinion is that I’ll never use orals again except proviron…too many sides imho). The plan was 4 cycle dbol...
  16. G

    first cycle thoughts

    Hey guys, new to this site and some what new to aas use. will starting my new/first real cycle next month, I've ran test e solo on its own before @500mg pw now I'm thinking of running a bulking cycle of test e @500mg pw Deca @200mg pw dbol @30mg ed doing this for 12 weeks but the dbol for 6...
  17. J

    Stacking Orals + Test for recovery and athletic purposes

    Hello everyone, I am in the middle of my 2nd-ish cycle - I first ran doctor-prescribed TRT (Nebido) + 50mg Anadrol cycle and now I am in the 6th week of 500mg Test-E cycle. Since starting both cycles , I feel much better than before. But I feel a little difference between both 'cycles'...
  18. G

    Back in the groove

    First post here on Meso haha. I've been around the forums for a long while, just reading and getting a few laughs but finally decided I would create an account lol. I decided maybe I would try doing a cycle log, and I'm sure y'all wouldn't mind having some toilet material during the day...
  19. S

    First true cycle

    Sup brahs, so I'm about to embark upon my first real cycle. I did a test only cycle to see how I responded and I had no problems, some strength gains. Just wanted to test out what it was like. Was pretty light on dosage. So I'm going to move forward with my second and add in some compounds, a...
  20. Tom

    Test Base price from Toronto

    Anyone who has purchased Test Base from the company, called "Toronto"? Their email is torresch@interlog.com It happens to know their price of Test Base is USD110/5g and USD880/50g.