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    I've got some of his var too; giving me jaw pumps and I get calf pumps from commuting. all this is anecdotal, of course, and I don't have access to labmax.
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    Anyone place an order in the last week I sent 24k an email but haven't heard anything back about 3 days ago thanks
  3. He said he was down until earliest today.. Id say wait a bit.
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    Morning, I most likely missed your email, feel free to send me another. I usually get back to all emails within 24 hours, so if you don't hear back from me, please email me again. Thanks for your patience.
  5. He 24 nice to see you back! Are you popping in or is the shutdown over? :)
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    Hey, I've been around, I just did not see anything directed at me so I tried to stay out of it. We're back to processing orders. Happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
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    Damn Snipe! Nice avatar. I need a woman like that!
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    @Wunderpus @mercury @flenser

    I apologize if this post is intruding too much on members, but I try to follow this board the best I can and recently saw the labmax of Mast E posted by a member on lab testing section. I said early on that I would only post in my own thread as I know the presence of sources here is touchy subject. However, if I may, I would like to contribute to this subject.

    It was mentioned that the violet/blue glow in vial A may be indicative of something. I am not fully convinced by this. Take a look at vial A under UV without anything added (notice the glass seal is not broken on the top of the vial):

    Right beside it, is Vial B under UV with nothing added. You can see that Vial A without anything added already has a bright blue florescence while Vial B has no florescence. My belief is that adding a substance with carrier oils such as GSO/CSO turns the florescence into the blue/violet that you see. CSO/GSO added to these test vials generally turns the reagents inside into a orange/brown color. Mix this with the bright blue florescence and you get that murky blue/purple "florescence". My belief in this florescence seen in Vial A is not due to the compound added, but due to the glow already present in the Vial B reagent.

    Now, onto the question of Deca vs Mast P/E labmax. I am taking the below quote straight from post https://thinksteroids.com/community...mestic-source.134360993/page-124#post-1387627

    For our "Mast" - "The vial A under UV should look like a dull violet fluorescence while Vial B under UV should be a distinct orange, not bright orange like EQ, however. This can be seen here:
    This is very similar to your results with a black background.:https://thinksteroids.com/community/threads/24k-pharma-masteron-p.134368138/#post-1387589

    ....I believe you mentioned that you thought it was Deca. Deca Vial B under UV light has a different color, it is a mat-green (dull green), here is a labmax of Deca oil under UV with two different angles:

    And here is the source for the above Deca labmaxes;
    https://img.bi/#/mVEjGfs!H-JZTAYvccdAtEH8Mw8mFeTgy51oXQQ52H0g1Z9w "

    This deca labmax was done with Organon Deca 100mg/mL. Most importantly, compare this Deca Vial B + UV with our "Mast" Vial B + UV:
    Deca: https://img.bi/#/nQh8nhd!RdwyrAEox-5AqsBi4Q-FEH7AQALMwwOYxU7QqSyl
    Mast: https://img.bi/#/RAljV8w!SxWvTwDy8WrQVPG_BwoYZqKQ3o0rdQA5i-ZAPHfi

    You can see that Deca has a slight dull/mat green color while mast is only orange. There are only a few substances on the labmax sheet that are orange under Vial B+UV. The other most recognizable one is EQ. However, EQ is a liquid at room temperature and it would be neigh impossible to confuse or miss EQ raws.

    As some have mentioned, labmax is great for certain finished compounds like tren, EQ, Dbol. It's mediocre for compounds like Test C/E (the florescence can be tough to spot), and is not great for compounds like Primo. I have found that raw labmaxes are immensely easier to distinguish but I also understand it has of lower value to customers because they are buying finished product.

    End of the day, I think labmax is a good quick tool for customers but I would be hesitant on making it the "end all, be all" of testing. In that same note, we still continuing to proceed initial test batches with this board's approved testing company. It still may be a few weeks away, but there's certain objectives that are beyond my control in terms of expediting.

    Thanks for reading.
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    In red is the most important part of your whole post. Yes, it is a tool. It's not an end all, be all. I don't believe anyone who has any degree of knowledge believes it is. However, it has been, more or less, accurate for me.

    I will test some deca when I have the time, to compare them in person. There is no doubt the mast E I tested was violet. It actually looked identical to this (
    https://img.bi/#/RAljV8w!SxWvTwDy8WrQVPG_BwoYZqKQ3o0rdQA5i-ZAPHfi), almost multi-toned. The other vial was goldish orange, not a rust gold that bold. undec. seems to display.

    For primo, I think your opinion is largely due to the fact a lot of the primo raws are bunk or cut. The primo I tested looked pretty clear, to me.

    I would say Mast E was the HARDEST by far to gauge. All of the tests used GSO as a carrier oil, if that's relevant.

    All in all, I am not going to send each order of product to get mass spec'd, just doesn't make sense for me as a user not a source. So, labmax it is.
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    Also, note, your mast certainly wasn't prop... The color of vial b was off considerably, no?
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    The labmax results of the finished "mast" I have is similar to the results you posted. I have not personally bought or tested any primo raws because I do not believe I have the necessary tools at this time to definitively gauge it's quality. Because of it's price tag, I am uncomfortable purchasing and stocking it until I have better methods to test it. I am not undervaluing labmax testing, but at the same time I do not want to overvalue it either, if that makes sense.
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    We're on the same page. I use it as a simple tool. It really allows me to at least have an understanding of what I am using. If this were test E, for example, it'd show. Imagine injecting an extra 5 ml's of test E a week, that would SERIOUSLY fuck my goals and levels up, yeah?

    Is it possible this is underdosed? Sure. That's a risk I take. At least I know the hormone is there to start with.

    I agree with your opinions on primo.
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    Can you clarify? Do you mean Mast Prop? The color of Vial A was not green with the finished product but it was slightly green in the raw labmax. As a source or a homebrewer, one of the best ways to test if a compound is a short ester or a long ester is by simply making a small test batch. Mast P will not hold at 200+mg/mL unlike Mast E. I use these same methods for determining and confirming that Test P I purchase is a short ester. A small 50mL batch with 10g of purchased Test P is brewed with CSO, BA 2% and BB 20%. I then slowly add heat and if it does not completely dissolve in solution then I can be confident that it is a short ester. Test C and E have no problems dissolving with in the above conditions at 200mg/mL but Test P will not.
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    Interesting. Please keep in mind I don't know a thing about brewing.

    I was under the impression vial b indicated the ester, I could be wrong.
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    If you look at the labmax chart, the biggest difference between Mast P and Mast E is vial A (bright green versus orange).

    Brewing your own compounds is a great way to get more comfortable with the raw powders as they all have very subtle differences, from taste to smell or consistency. It also gives you a small insight in how sources make their products.
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    Understandable. Higher risk, too. Personal use versus distribution.
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    Here's a quote I posted about Tacevedo's Mast prop. Vial A tells what the ester is.

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    Absolutely. Coming from a source, take this next part with a grain of salt. In my opinion, customers buying from sources are paying less for the actual product and more for the risk reduction. I will be the first to admit that purchasing raws and producing finished product is easy. However, when you start to scale up, it becomes increasingly difficult. What brings costs up is importing the raws, receiving payment and sending product, all while keeping myself, my team and the customers safe. The recent steroids related busts by the DEA should really exemplify the importance of safety, security, and having a trustworthy team. The government is more interested in suppliers, manufacturers and distributors like myself. As a result, I always suggest that buyers judge sources not only by their product and communication but also by their security processes.

    As an example of this, last year there was a large UGL, one of the top US sources on Eroids, that was caught. This source became very popular not only due to their products but also because they accepted PayPal. This convenience to customers ultimately hurt the operators is a big way as they had to steal identities to launder away the money from PayPal accounts.

    In all honesty, the exposure on this forum worries me at times. However, I really appreciate that members here are away and refrain from posting shipping location/times, receiver locations, branded products, etc.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Good post, I mostly agree. Your deca pics are much easier to distinguish than the ones on the LM site.
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    @24kpharma you already made a post similar to this on the past stating why cso could potentially change the outcome of a labmax, so far I believe that you have good intentions, but by saying that! you are somewhat discrediting any positive or bad labmax performed on your line. I think the best way to go about this is to produce 3 different samples of masteron-p with the following three oils, cso, gso, and mct, perform three individual labmaxes and bring some sort of credibility to your theory. Otherwise it seems like you are trying to disregard any results about your line, when they fail labmax. This is the best way that you can potentially go about things unless you are planning to have your mast-p mass spec.

    Thank you for reading this long ass post lol
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