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    Im running the dbol now.Just got through the first week.Back pumps are driving me nuts.Feeling run down which usually happens to me in the beginning of a dbol cycle.I wanted to stop taking it until yesterday morning which is also normal for me in the beginning.Thats all I can report right now. 50mgs a day seems to be enough for me right now. .
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    It's doing its job.
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  3. Is September 1st here yet?? Damn
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  4. Throwback

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    Damn, out of everything...had order ready 3 weeks ago then before I could send funds got a free 3 week vacation courtesy of LE.
    Just another hiccup but my self imposed trt is crashed and I'm ready for a blast....Cmon sept!!!
  5. bickel29

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    Well fellas, I'd recommend having a Plan B in place just in case. 24k said "tentative date of Sept 1st" so no guarantees it'll be that soon. But he also did say:

    " I am willing to work with repeat customers who have a genuine reason for an order during this sales shut down (i.e. out of Test, need certain compound to finish out cycle, etc). "

    I am not speaking for 24k, just looking out for the fellas who might be waiting for him to come back around. You know how things go... I'd hate to see any of us put ourselves in a bad spot.
  6. I hear you on that. Looking at a couple others as back up but might have to figure it out soon as Im getting low on goodies..
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  7. Serpent

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    Got a lot of goodies, big cycle planned and I feel confident about his test. I wish I coulda got in on that possible pharm grade stuff
  8. 24kpharma

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    Just to piggyback of this comment - I appreciate customers who continuously purchase from us but I apologize that our stock is not constant, meaning products come in and out of stock. We are still a smaller operation compared to most UGL labs. I strongly urge customers not to make last minute emergency purchases. We'll try our best to fill it and get it out as soon as possible, but there's no guarantee we will have what you need at all times. Thanks for understanding.
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    24k, gotta say how impressed I am with the way you conduct business
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    Any idea on his cost for the deca guys i have his old list
  11. Looselucy

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    Probably the same give or take
  12. bickel29

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    He said he'll still be answering emails/PM's while on break. Have you tried asking him?
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  13. Dshep

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    Will be getting bloodwork done tomorrow at 11am after 4 weeks of Test C at 680mg pinning twice a week exactly 48hrs after last pin.
  14. Looselucy

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    Nice work. Looking forward to seeing your results.
  15. Haunch

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    Cool Shep,
    Hope this gives numbers better than your pct Amps did. Can you tell us if you feel any different compared to PCT?
    Thanks for keeping us all informed.
  16. tacevedo

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    How is that xeno stuff?
  17. Serpent

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    Have yet to try, planning on starting next month
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  18. Looselucy

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    Just got some of their var. Update in a few days.
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  19. rigs03

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    I must have missed when he got deca and npp in. Has anyone ran either yet long enough to have any input?
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  20. roastdawg

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    He just got em in... I ordered some deca, haven't tried it yet
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