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  1. Killed my appetite and didnt do much for me but only had 20 mg xr, 30 mg may have been different. 20 mg really was just like drinking an energy drink to me. Have heard issues of people being on them for a while such as libido issues, high bp, etc
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    I’m prescribed Vyvanse 40mg xr. I use it very very sparingly for work only and just use 1/3 of a pill at a time. Like others stated, the appetite suppression is the major killer for me and lifting. I actually get really hypersexual on it, which is a bad side effect for me cus I just want to fuck every 5 min. What I’ve noticed is people who don’t need it love it and people who need it avoid it at all costs.
  3. Meh I’ve been prescribed adderall, vyvanse etc for years, mostly just collected them but a few times took them regularly including recently since going back to school. Been taking it everyday basically for the last 9 months and then I decided to stop, cut it in half for a few days but then completely last week. It’s quite easy to quit taking it, basically like quitting caffeine, maybe easier cause you don’t get the headache. Not on the same level as methamphetamine, which is available under the brand desoxyn. Tbh the 1st day or 2 I was a little tired, maybe a tiny bit less libido (prob not) but after a couple days I felt normal again.
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    Holy recomp! I've lost a lot of extra weight and have leaned out. I'm happy as I don't have chubby cheeks anymore. Picked them fuckers up a couple years ago and haven't been able to get rid of them lol

    Lots of muscle definition as well. Pretty trippy
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    like, wow man. who would've thought o_O:)
    just don't make it a habit ;)
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    Still happy
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    It’s the gateway to the use of methamphetamine. Great for studying, and really does help people with severe cases of adhd, however, like most things the body because used to it, and dependent on it to feel a certain way, you body stops producing serotonin at the it normal level, that it is used to because of the surges it gets from taking The drug, adderall if dextroamphetamine and amphetamine combined also know as amphetamine salts. It is not however, methamphetamine, prescription methamphetamine hcl is called desoxyn.
    Over time adderall can increase anxiety and negatively effect sleep. It can also increase the risk of depression especially when someone stops taking it due to the significant amount of serotonin that the brain is producing when the medication is ingested, I too was prescribed adderall and took it all the way from the age of 12 until I was 26, and have to say that it’s ths only reason I ended up ever trying meth, years ago. If you are taking it specifically as described and it helps you, then that’s great. Just be aware of the possible side effects and know that when it comes to body building that amphetamine can be great when dieting down, and a boost in the gym, otherwise it is counterproductive due to its increased catabolism, more so if used when not on AAS. But I think it’s imprtant. To know that there seems to be a number of individuals who when taking amphetamines and steroids have had an increase In Suicidal ideations. Look at Chris Benoit. I applaud you for having the balls to ask for advice, and not coming on here glorifying its use or a abuse. I am a recovering addict so I choose to not take that kind of medication. I do think that for some people it can really help them. My son is on adderall. And it’s night and day difference with his behavior and I have seen a increase in performance in school. Which I know has him feeling better about himself now that his grades have gotten better, and I proud that I didn’t let my past effect his ability to get help.
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    Great response brotha!
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    Like most stimulants, it is pretty rough on the heart as well isn't it?
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    Just FYI that shit is catabolic, kills muscle. Will get you lean really quick though. About 2 years ago I was taking a shit load of it, like 100mg a day. And IVing it.
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    Interesting, Not calling you a liar, but you couldn’t possibly shoot it, it’s not water Soluable
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    Dopamine, not serotonin.

    When you are used to sitting around at 5-6 times the amount of dopamine that sex with a hot babe produces, yea, normal happiness just doesn’t even compare. Nature simply cannot reproduce those levels of dopamine.... and feels like nothing is as important or as pleasurable as your next fix...

    Sorry, just clarifying some subtle errors as it’s important to have the correct info when talking about brain chemistry.
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    Definitely shot shit loads of it lol. Took the XR capsules, poured out the “beads”, crushed them to a powder, put powder in spoon. Add water, draw orange milky colored liquid into syringe, and bang. I’ve IV’d adderall at least 100 times, definitely possible, definitely always dissolved in water. No big rush from it, just instantaneous and extremely powerful adderall buzz. Used to love it.
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    Adderall is deffos water soluble btw.
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    Yeah I xr wasn’t around yet when I was taking it
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    Bad for heart, causes hypertension, erection issues while on, leaves you tired for weeks after ceasing use...
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    Amphetamines a poison, for specific short-term use they are incredible and nothing compares, but long term use is terrible. No one should be taking amphetamines long term, the are neurotoxic and have a long list of sides. I will post sources when I have time, but I've talked about this and cited sources before.
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    I’ve done the IR ones too, but it wasn’t as easy. Too much powder and filler.
  19. Meh higher dopamine level doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all occurring in the pleasure centers like the nucleus accumbens, there’s a reason methamphetamine is in a different world. Also dopamine alone isn’t responsible for euphoria, there are other chemicals involved. Cocaine or opioids don’t give you as high of a dopamine spike but both are more euphoric than methamphetamine especially opioids.

    Anyway I highly doubt you’ll have a long term inability to feel joy coming off adderall like you would with methamphetamine. The longest ive ever used adderall was 8-9 months and when I stopped I felt low and tired for a couple days, by day 5 I felt normal. Of course I was taking my prescribed dose and it could also be different after a decade of constant use.
  20. You can definitely IV it just like you can snort it as it has slight water solubility. I’d imagine it would be gross af tho, plus there’s no real high with adderall, might as well use methamphetamine as you can actually get a high without IV’ing. You can’t smoke adderall or amphetamine, the boiling and burning point is so close.