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    Killed my appetite and didnt do much for me but only had 20 mg xr, 30 mg may have been different. 20 mg really was just like drinking an energy drink to me. Have heard issues of people being on them for a while such as libido issues, high bp, etc
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    I’m prescribed Vyvanse 40mg xr. I use it very very sparingly for work only and just use 1/3 of a pill at a time. Like others stated, the appetite suppression is the major killer for me and lifting. I actually get really hypersexual on it, which is a bad side effect for me cus I just want to fuck every 5 min. What I’ve noticed is people who don’t need it love it and people who need it avoid it at all costs.
  3. Meh I’ve been prescribed adderall, vyvanse etc for years, mostly just collected them but a few times took them regularly including recently since going back to school. Been taking it everyday basically for the last 9 months and then I decided to stop, cut it in half for a few days but then completely last week. It’s quite easy to quit taking it, basically like quitting caffeine, maybe easier cause you don’t get the headache. Not on the same level as methamphetamine, which is available under the brand desoxyn. Tbh the 1st day or 2 I was a little tired, maybe a tiny bit less libido (prob not) but after a couple days I felt normal again.
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