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    Just had to chime in as it has been awhile and I have been talking to people who work inside the halls of Congress.

    I am LOVING the implosion of ObamaCare and trust me, it will implode and the liberals know it. They are so panicked now that even Harry Reid won't be able to stop them from crossing over the isle and nixing this piece of crap.

    Now if we just hold the line on immigration, the progressive agenda is dead. Nobody trusts big government anymore except ideological hacks. I love how college professors are finally getting an earful from students who aren't buying their BS anymore. Obama has done more to kill liberalism than I could ever have hoped. Sure, he'll pass his EO's on climate change, they will get challenged, delayed, and then overturned by the next president (and I don't mean Hillary). Chris Christie has zero chance of making it, despite what the establishment is trying to make us believe.

    Funny how many close friends who hated Cruz are calling the guy a genius now, and calling the GOP who folded a bunch of cowards. Been saying that all along. America is waking up. It's about frigging time. But then I knew it would take some libtard to hit people where it hurts to get them to wake the f**k up and take notice.

    Liberals won't have a chance again for at least a generation. In three years, we won't have ObamaCare, we won't have to deal with BS climate change science, and hopefully we won't have given legal status to a bunch of law breakers. But then again, maybe we should!

    Should be interesting if the current tide continues and ObamaCare drives Latinos into the arms of the GOP. Wonder how much the libtards will want to have comprehensive immigration reform then?

    And now back to my regular scheduled programming of "I told you so you frigging idiot"

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    Hey, he apologized, what more do you want??

  3. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Denial-of-service tool targeting site discovered
    Hacktivist software designed to put a strain on struggling Obamacare website.
    Denial-of-service tool targeting site discovered | Ars Technica

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    I agree with a lot of what you said, or at least the hopes you have...
    But you are an out of your -------------------- if you think this will change thing for very long. You lost your sight or something? Look around man, there is a tidal wave of idle, stupid, fat, happy, lost, gamers, abortion loving, losers, dope using, useless, square peg, fukshit, monkey, clownass, shithead, pajama wearing to walmart, heartless, cig smoking, powerball lotto dreaming, EBT WIC card using, kid adopting homo, PC, DC, Christian hating, USA hating, I could go on and on.
    Give these idiots 15 minutes in front of the TV and they will forget everything they should have learned from this obamacare lesson.
    Hell, look at some of the past post here on meso. Some of these guys have drunk so much of the kool aid for so long. They have invested who they are into this socialism snake oil salesman. They will look for any avenue that allows them to continue to believe.
    What a simplistic world these koolaidcumsuckers live in.
    "Thank goodness we have learned our lesson. This wont happen again." We said the same kind of things after 4 years of Carter.
    Evil never sleeps bro. Socialism is evil, and it picks away at decency 24-7-365.
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    Well done sir! That is impressive....
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    Great! Problem solved then? Hmmm...looking around the internet today and I don't see any stories anywhere stating the site is up and running like a gem. And all those other stories that stated the administration knew the rollout would go bad months in advance? Must be BS. Or maybe they have a crystal ball and knew about this nefarious piece of code ahead of time.

    Given that the system still sucks, I would put the above story in the "highly frigging unlikely" category and state on the record that someone is still attempting to treat the American people like a bunch of nitwits. Again, the more Obama continues down this path and the more he allows our intelligence to be insulted the worse this is going to get for him. From my perspective, I hope he directs his team to come up with more idiotic excuses to try on an American public that is finally waking up from this bad dream.
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    Sorry, but I know some of these very idiots you speak of. Not those down in the subsidies qualification area - they will also swallow what Obama has to shovel - but a substantial amount of those who voted for him and are now hit with sticker shock. Your argument fails in that ObamaCare will keep on getting worse. Next year, around this time (actually 11 months from now) the employer mandate delay will end. You think what you saw this year is bad? Wait until then. Like I said, the liberals are pissing their pants. As one reporter put it, to paraphrase, "he (Obama) has pissed off a lot of lower middle class voters, many who are writers and work in journalism and can hit well above their weight class".

    This is not what I hope will happen, nor what I am stating is anecdotal. It comes from PR contacts directly in DC. The libs are acting like Satan just invaded their space and they want want an exorcist.

    It this were Social Security you would be right. But this is ObamaCare and there will be more losers than winners which makes this unlike any other entitlement program in history. When MSNBC starts to talk shit about it, SNL and John Stuart are hitting it from all directions, and people are penning their horror stories - and all this during a time when we are just getting started - and I can tell you that the staffers and the Democrats are scared shitless right now as they know this will not let up. And I won't go into any more details except to say that when you hear "tip of the iceberg" they should really be saying "snowflake sitting on the tip of the iceberg".
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    Email sent out this past week from a WW II vet.

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    I dont get it. What are you trying to say?[:eek:)][:eek:)][:eek:)]
    They should commit Hari-Kari over this? [:eek:)]
    Hari-Kari would take far too much character for this crowd to go through with.

    You are holding them to a very high standard. Here is a better standard.
    {From the first time a human looked up at the moon, until the USA put a man on the moon probably about 250,000 years that had passed}
    [ame=]Kool-Aid Man (Family Guy) - YouTube[/ame]
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  10. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Access, Affordability, And Insurance Complexity Are Often Worse In The United States Compared To Ten Other Countries

    Compared with the health systems of other industrialized nations, the U.S. system is an outlier in terms of health care cost, access, and affordability.

    The United States is in the midst of the most sweeping health insurance expansions and market reforms since the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965.

    Our 2013 survey of the general population in eleven countries—Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States—found that US adults were significantly more likely than their counterparts in other countries to forgo care because of cost, to have difficulty paying for care even when insured, and to encounter time-consuming insurance complexity.

    Signaling the lack of timely access to primary care, adults in the United States and Canada reported long waits to be seen in primary care and high use of hospital emergency departments, compared to other countries.

    Perhaps not surprisingly, US adults were the most likely to endorse major reforms: Three out of four called for fundamental change or rebuilding.
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    And Ovomit just tried to make sure that the number of people who forgo care just increased. He made the problem worse. But that's okay, because the entire thing is going to collapse and very soon. His "fix" today backfired. Rather than insurance companies not going back to original policies (it would break them and also give Ovomit a scapegoat), insurance commissioners are telling him to f*ck off. And the first two - Washington and Arkansas - are BOTH Democrats. It's over. Liberalism is now dead. Everyone with a brain now sees big government is a failure. And don't get me started on the United Kingdom. There is a huge investigation going on into widespread abuse of elderly patients that is being called ubiquitous. And their system is collapsing under its own weight. And just what does forgo medical care mean? A cold? The flu? Cancer? We have the best survival rate of for Cancer and Heart Disease of any country. People from all over the world come here to get the best care, so I call BS. Just another flawed study by a liberal asshat organization to push push their liberal agenda on America and turn us into a crappy country like they are. No thanks. Obama is doing a good enough job of that already.
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    Nice to read you posts again Greg. You should be a bit more careful how you refer to the President of the United States. Some might construe your name calling as not only grossly disrespectful but treasonous. Do it agian and I will ban you for a week.

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    Get him, he is obviously a Tea Party guy. Im going to call the IRS on him. Then get the ATF to hassle him. After that, Ill send him to Benghazi. After that I will fastly and furiously hang him by his raw butt until the EPA fine's him for the stink. He might be the love child of Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. ;) I bet this traitor says the Pledge of Allegiance. He might even think the Constitution should still be valid.
    What a knuckle draggin ape man.
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    Who the hell is Greg? And calling the President names is not treason. If you don't like the first Amendment and want to be a pussy - then ban me you chickenshit coward. I don't give a rats ass. Banning me means I win. It means you can't take it. Ovomit is not my president.

    Screw you. You think you scare me? Ovomit has destroyed your big government liberalism so all I am doing is having a bunch of fun at your expense. If you can't handle it, maybe it's time you you checked your T levels. If that does not work, then at least change your panties. Obama is a traitor. He hates this country. Period.
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    Guilty as charged!

    Funny how zkt thinks the word Ovomit is treason. Touchy little pansies these liberald. It's okay for DHS to call people like me potential terrorists while ignoring the elephant in the room and kowtowing to radical Islam. And if zkt tells me he never called Bush a fascist I'll know he is lying.

    Fast and furious. Benghazi. Legislating by EO. Lying about Obamacare - over and over. Getting members of Seal Team six killed by his ego. Heck, you would think the guy pulled the trigger on Bin Laden himself. Screwing over Israel. His really serious red line and Syria - making us a joke to the rest of the world. 17 trillion in debt. Ruining healthcare. Calling him Ovomit is being kind.

    zkt would probably have a stroke if he read what was being written about Obambi on Facebook.
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    You left out the fact that obama and long jaws are basically giving the A-Bomb to Iran. But those mullahs are good folk, same as the zuper mod.

    Get this back on course now----------The aca is working great--------we will be on government single payer soon. The congress wouldnt exempt themselves from single payer would they?
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    Ok boys and girls anyone want to guess the primary reason Obama's health care debacle generated less than 500K new assignees, many of whom are already reneging on the "plan" they chose after less than 48 hours? :eek:

    Because the captive audience Obama sought and NEEDED oh so desperately did not "have, want or need" health insurance which had a higher cost benefit ratio than the PLAN they already had. [}:)]

    Hey you mates know the plan I'm referring to? :confused:
    It's called the FREE ONE! :drooling:

    Yep the same one people have used for half a century in the US. :wtf:
    Hope you don't get sick and if you do go to the ER and have someone else (those dastardly have's) foot the bill! :busted:

    Respectfully submitted

    This is what can happen when someone receives something for nothing, an expectation it will always be FREE! [:eek:)]
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    Everyday, more lies are uncovered. It just doesnt end with this president.
    Absolutely a disappointment as a president and a man.

    He is the "green energy president" also. The same crazies are all in on this scam.
    "Sure he has lied about absolutely everything else. But not on green energy"
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    People really need to read between the lines of demagoguery and understand ALL politicians say what is required to be elected!

    Wasn't Bush accused of lying about "WMD"? Did he knowingly deceive the lay public or was he parroting his Washington "advisors". I suspect the latter is more likely as it is in Obama's case.

    But really I don't care!

    Didn't Rosevelt lie about the covert operations between the US and GB before war was declared by congress?

    Nothing is achieved by demonizing the opponent, except the unfortunate oversight of the ISSUES this country faces and how to best solve them, IMO!

    Access to nonemergent primary care is a significant problem in this county which must be remedied.

    Shit CMS accounts for ONE HALF of all available non-discretionary spending!

    We are talking TRILLIONS of dollars!

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    Party politics have never done this country an favors or advanced a common cause worthy of steadfast commitment.

    Nope they advance the ideas of the few by the few, often with the objective being celebratory self indulgence