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Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by ChrisBchicken, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Roco Bama

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    I just bought 14,000 trac. Once it reaches $100 per trac within 5 years, I'll be a millionaire.
  2. jJjburton

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    Join the club. You know I have 6 coins that if this happened Ill b rich. I am looking for a gain of 1000 dollars and I am selling. I would be more then happy. But EVERY coin was in the red yesterday. today every coin was in the green. Hope it stays. Senate actually just allowed crypto currency to stay. Where in china they got rid of it.
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  3. Roco Bama

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    So far I have invested in ETH, TRAC, NEO, OMG, AION, and ETHOS
    Am I missing any valuable coin ?
  4. bonacris

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    Every country will allow cryptos but they do need to be regulated a little bit. All the ICOs coming out is crazy and a lot are scams. Regulation will bring in more investors. If you have money put into to good projects you are set to make a lot of money these next few years. We will see more and more adoption where you will be able to purchase property and cars with crypto. This is a huge opportunity to make life changing money
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  5. bonacris

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    IOTA I think is a must have and is still cheap. The developers don't give a fuck and the have some big name involved with the project. Wouldn't say partners but investors.

    Vechain is my other big one. They have massive partnerships. And you get paid dividends for staking the coins so that locks up most of the supply in node so it should drive the price up.

    Both these projects are worth reading about.
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  6. Roco Bama

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    Thanks brother. I also bought some waltonchain recently and I'll add vechain or IOTA to the list. Though I'm investing 60% of my money in ETH.
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  7. bonacris

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    I think your wise there. ETH will overtake BTC this year I think especially as more people begin trading and see it's the faster option
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  8. DrinkFlintWater

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    Did you see the ICO about a week ago that took investors money and deleted their site with the exception of the word "penis" on their homepage? Lol....gotta love this shit
  9. DrinkFlintWater

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    A must see before considering ICOs guys.
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  10. daylight driller

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    I just got into rpx I think it will have a good future although its not set up like most cryptos.
  11. 3ml

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    I stay away from most ICO’s way too much time needed to research them all
  12. Inten02

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    ZRX and ARK are really good long term holds IMO
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  13. DrinkFlintWater

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    Pretty much sums up my week