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    My treasure... It's all my own I have at home from Balkan new line.
    Some stuff I use right now and all I wanna say- I am a fan of these guys, they manufacture a good gear
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    Any current promos?
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    The order finally came through, it took around 30 days start to finish and I received everything I ordered. My only issue would be the lack of any stealth which would prevent me from making any bulk orders in the future.
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    What did you order? Just pills or vials as well?
  5. balco

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    I ordered a combination of both. I ordered something around 5 vials of test C, 4 vials of deca, and 60 asin( I should of bought that from expressPCT).

    I know they offer reship but that's a fucking hassle. Every time I've ordered international it's inside really good stealth; usually tinfoil lined.
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    Vials are hard to conceal. I never got vials truly concealed, just mislabeled as something else. Only raws have been shipped truly stealthed for me.

    @ANABOLIC/ENERGY you have provided me with a form of “stealth” shipping in the past during the holidays. Is this something customers can request for all purchases?
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    I don't want to get into details but other sources ived used will use anything with tinfoil liner so it can't be x-rayed. Besides the stealth, everything was good.
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  8. Wouldn't that be a red flag? i would think that if they couldn't see inside the package with the x-ray, they would immediately be suspicious and wonder what's trying to be hidden.

    Been many years since i went abroad for my gear. So school me if my thoughts above are incorrect.
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    I don't think so, tons of legit products have tin foil liners like bags of protein powder. I think the outline of pills and vials is more suspect but I also think they are really looking for narcotics.

    Edit: I can't really school you on stealth since I don't know enough about it, I've never shipped thousands of packages to find out what works best. I personally think unlabeled is the best way to go since they don't have the time to HLPC every bottle of liquid that comes through the mail but I prefer having labels especially when ordering "brand name" gear.
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  10. During transportation, the products are not packed in foil. Of course, each company has its own secrets. I can only say that if the parcel weighs less than 300 gr, it is not so carefully checked. Just imagine the number of orders that pass through the mail. It’s simply impossible to check everything.
  11. Hey, guys, who asked for promo, PM me pls, I lost all my inbox...
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    Oh okay, that makes sense. Like I said before, I know nothing about shipping international so I just assumed that everything needs to be shipped stealth.
  13. Even if they tried to claim that's it's a new formulation, it's still overdosed. Looks like their Test Ace was really Test Prop, which would account for some of that mess.

    Highly unlike them, being pharma and all. :D:rolleyes:
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  14. I can only answer for products purchased in our store. Also, we are not a factory to answer all the questions regarding all brands in our line.
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  15. ok, guys, today start a new promo... 35% off on all injectable line in our store. PM me to get a code)
  16. Wasn't referring to you or the shop. i meant Balkan/SP.
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    Please reply to my PM when you get a chance.
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  18. The promo is available till May 24
  19. Just use the code 35BTC and enjoy your cycle. PM me if you have any questions
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