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  1. balco

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    I emailed the company because they aren't responding to PM's and they will not honor the discount.
  2. balco

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    The finally emailed me the promo
  3. balco

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    I sent my BTC and I am being asked for a confirmation number, I dont know what that is. Am I supposed to receive that from Anabolic energy?
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    Ha! Eat a dick @balco

    Jesus fuck. For real figure shit out for yourself. It’s one thing after another with you.

    take the thumb outta your mouth and grow up and be a big boy.
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  5. balco

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    It's been 6 hours and still no BTC confirmation.
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    Take a wild guess dummy and see if you can figure it out yourself.

    No one on MESO is going to help you now that you’re reputation is shit cause you’re a scammer.
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  7. balco

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    Can you help me get a confirmation code I sent the BTC
  8. Timezones, dude. Chill your balls.
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  9. balco

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    Earlier in the day I was communicating with them via email and I know they have the BTC in their wallet yet for some reason he won't confirm it. You could be right, who knows...
  10. balco

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    So time zone had nothing to do with it in this case but you were right, I needed to chill

    They finally sent me confirmation. It makes me nervous to send that amount of money and not get a response.
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  11. A/E has never left anyone out to dry. i knew they would eventually get back to you. Timezone was my best guess, but either way, i knew they weren't going to leave you hanging.
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    I really appreciate your input, I know you don't agree with some opinions/choices of mine but your not a complete dick about it.
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    giving me anxiety.
  14. Thank you for such kind words? I left China last weekend, so time zones and the ability to be online was very rare. I get in touch with everybody. Thaks again
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  15. The confirmation letter comes when the support sees that the payment was successful. Several people are involved in this, do not be so impatient. These letters are automatically
  16. I'm not aware of everything that this guy has done, but your opinion is authoritative for me
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    Watch him. He is going to whine and be a pain in the ass throughout the ordering process. Then when he gets his order he’ll find something to complain about. He’s looking for free shit. He scammed TGI out of $415 in gear because he claimed the rubber stoppers were ALL defective after he went Captain Stabbin on them with a 18 gauge needle.

    Just be aware.
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    @balco return the money for all but the 2 vials that we’re “bad” according to you. Otherwise, you are a thief for the rest, and nothing short of a thief. Nothing you say can make it right for having a refund for product where nothing is wrong. No one is forcing you to keep that refund, not even TGI. Return it like a man.

    But we already know what your response will be...
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    He can’t. He’s a bum. The only money he has he just sent to anabolic energy which is why he was crying that it took a whole 6 hrs for confirmation.
    He worked so hard to scam that money from tgi he couldn’t bare to lose it being scammed lmao.
    Guilty paranoia at its finest.
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  20. I understand everything can happen both from the store and from the client. But in this situation, it looks like the client is picking holes.. Idk, i sale the products and I am sure in their quality and reputation. Let's see what will happen
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