ARL Russia -Anabolic Research Labs-2019

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by ARL4Life, Jan 1, 2019.

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    He was last:
    ARL4Life was last seen:
    Today at 10:27 AM
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  2. Probably checking PMs. i'm sure there's still a few long time buyes that won't throw in the towel on this lab. Love makes you do some foolish things.

    Don't forget the desperate noobs that won't take the time to learn BTC and jump at the chance to buy gear and pay via WU.
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    WU has been a PITA lately...even when sending money to my brother in Vegas. Why even bother with them especially with MG/WU cracking down on money transfers to China even?
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    So they’re old school and only rob people of the expensive stuff still. You would have to be a REAL shit head to water down Test.
  5. They were full of shit when they claimed to test their own gear and instead, i'm thinking they trusted what some useless piece of paper about quality assurance from their raws dealer said.

    i also think they kept their fingers crossed and hoped no one would shell out for the cost of testing, which wasn't nearly as ubiquitous as it is now, when compared to the years in which they were building up their reputation.

    They didn't do their homework and got greedy by coming here. Up until Supermansson mentioned them, i had never knew they existed. They were better off without coming to Meso.
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    How much were you using, numbers are great
  7. Wheelhouse

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    At the time
    250 test
    450 tren
    600 eq
    100 deca
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    Numbers are more than great for thst amount of test
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    Which means they over dosed their shit, more than likely. Guess they had to make up for under dosing their Primo.
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  11. ARL4Life

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    Primo my freinds.And this was not performed by us.

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    Whats the matter scammer? Hard up for money. GTFO and peddle your bunk gear somewhere else.
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    Look you guys are really funny.Hard up ..never.
    We allways test our gear..what good would our own test be?You would say we faked it

    Dont be mad as all our gear is 100%
    So here is a third party test..and i suppose thats a scam too?

    I dont need anyone here to order but felt it was right to drop this result by.It is what it says.

    Have a good day.
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    Well, yeah. Have you not been paying attention?
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  15. You sell dozens of different items and bring us one test, that you didn't even perform, and you want a pat on the back?

    If you always test your gear, how did you miss Primo Ace tabs that were really Anavar?

    Because you're a liar. You don't test shit and you figured a bunch of drug using meatheads would never know the difference.
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    Fellas my pm box is full and apologize as i have not been to meso in aminute.
    Became pointless to argue as no matter how perfect or good we are the shills will continue to Shit on my thread for the free gear the homebrewers give them.That is reality.

    that 104.90mg ml is reality as well.

    That being said
    Install wickr messenger to reach me 24-7

    my wickr handle is

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    Lmao. Alrighty then.
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    You don't need meso for sales but you felt the need to crawl back in here and post your bullshit lab report. About as weak as it gets
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    Lol, he comes back after he’s had time to brew proper Primo. What a damn joke.
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    Wonder how many times it took them. I mean, hes been MIA for over a month right? Geez.
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