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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by ARL4Life, Jan 1, 2019.

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    Thought you said you don’t accept @janoshik
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  2. Yes, sir. These greedy bitches still don't have their own testing. Instead we get a random customer that sent in an unmarked sample.

    In all reality, it could have been sent in from this joke of a rep and could be from a lab that actually tests their products and knows how to brew to match what's claimed on the label.

    But c'mon, guys. He was gone for over a month and brought us this borderline useless test. Doesn't he deserve to be welcomed back with open arms?

    Here, i'll start. Welcome back to Meso. Nice list!

    Now fuck off.
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    After the new sources that needed step by step instructions about sourcing, the Tbol scammer, an absent freeloading/password loosing source...
    I didn’t think it could get much weirder here, but fuck me! ARL comes through to join in with the team of fuck ups lately! :confused:

    As @MisterSuperGod stated now they accept Janos testing, but only because it suits them to do so. :rolleyes:

    Still doesn’t prove shit! Still doesn’t make all your fuck ups right. Fuckin dumbass! :mad:
    Desperation at its finest right here! :oops:

    I have some “reality” for you @ARL4Life you piece of shit!! Once again you try blaming everyone but your own fuckin brand for all the fuck ups y’all have had! Calling members shills just because they brought attention to your lack of testing and outed your fuckin scamming brand!! Grow a fuckin pair and take responsibility for all your fuck ups! :rolleyes:
    Go hire some more of your own shills because that’s been proven that ARL does do that!! o_O

    Want a fireworks show!? Put a stick of dynamite in your mouth and light it! o_OHappy 4th of July you poor excuse for a source! :p
    Now disappear again and don’t come back! :mad:
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    How do I get on that home brewers shill list? I would love to try out some free gear all these home brewers are giving away to make you look bad. :rolleyes:
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    Exactly! Anavar is more powerful than primo tabs (it is much more bioavailable being c17 alkylated), it also costs 3 times less (primobolan acateate 10/12 $ per gram and anavar 3/4 $ per gram). Arl with the anavar scam instead of primobolan, save a lot of money, and those who do not analyze the product will surely leave a positive feed. For this reason, I firmly believe in the importance of laboratory tests, to expose the fucking scammers as ARL.

    @ARL4Life did you buy some primobolan acetate powder now? I imagine you will soon publish a report that showing your primobolan acetate tabs overdosed 50% more. LOL
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    @movingiron88 & @bolder notice how this faggot went quiet?
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    Good riddance!
    Hope it stays that way too! o_O

    I do wonder how many people got scammed and didn’t even know it?!
    I highly doubt their issues just started to happen after they came to Meso!
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    I was talking about the faggot Denoyz who called us out like a punk, without tagging us. Lol, defending a shit lab.
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    Fuck dude I didn’t even notice you were talking about that assface fuckhead! :oops:
    My bad! :D
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    What’s the scoop @MisterSuperGod? I’m not reading good things………
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    They suck
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    It appears that his dick riding days have come to an end.
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    Why did you bump this dead thread?
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    Yup finally reality kicked in for him.
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    Because I wanted to hear from you. :p
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    All you had to do was message me lol. And if you wanted to hear from me, why did you address @MisterSuperGod???? o_O
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  18. They've survived on paid boards for a long time, mainly because nothing more than mailing out packages was ever expected of them.

    They came here without doing their homework figuring it would be more of the same and got ran through the ringer.

    A couple bad blind sample tests later, they gave up and the rep only stops in to check his PMs.
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    hahahaha :p:D
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  20. She's on to the alternate handle scheme that i/you/we are running. Abort mission, abort mission!