Aromatizing compounds make you gay ?


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And I find women respond much better too, must be pheromones or something. Never had problems with women, but now I find it so much easier to get their attention, in a good way.

Sure, experience, and the fact that I'm in really good shape helps, but there's more going on, me thinks.
Pheromones are bunk. They are responding to your confident body language.


EQ makes my pheromones more horse like... I smell like dirty hay in a stable. I combine it with some Tom Ford Noir anthracite or Another Earthy peaty cologne and the girls go crazy... Everyone wants to be part of a donkey show.


Personally test/tren has boosted my confidence, and has open a whole new world of women to me. I believe the pheromone idea is interesting; however, could u back that up scientifically?

I'll agree that when certain compounds I do get way more sexually focused mentally. Like test and d-bol for certain. And I'll also agree that my confidence gets boosted, which has got to help with women.