Astro Labs US Dom and Intl SRC

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Astro Labs, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. white997turbo

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    Yes Astro's tren A is no joke very powerful shit ;)
  2. SeaVee

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    Have you responded to the emails yet? I'm not sure if mine are getting through or not.

  3. USCballin

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    Hey guys, the latest Astro price list I have on file is from July 13. Can anyone confirm that's the correct version please? Thanks
  4. romaleos

    romaleos Member Supporter

    Yes that is the one I have bookmarked.
  5. paulietuck

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    bump for astro :)
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  6. Nitrust

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  7. manic5

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    Can you tell us how you feel?

    What sides are you getting and what are u running?
  8. ChillBill

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    How long does it take for an email reply? I hope I did it right :confused:
  9. 2 days 26 minutes and 17 seconds

    Hope you did it right? Are you new to emailing?
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  10. guard302

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    Check the price list someone tell me how its possible to put 450mg of test per ml. I seen it before other places and it was either bunk or way underdosed
  11. kcxvi

    kcxvi Junior Member

    There is no real answer brother. All depends on when astro wants or feels like answering them. Be patient.
  12. What ya running Nitrust?
  13. Tren423

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    New technology gets me "all fucked up" too GB. Hopefully I'll catch on to it in due time.
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  14. I'm not even close to being tech savvy, but I know how to hit send. Lol
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  15. USCballin

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    That's like asking if you had sex the right way
  16. Voltrader

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    Astro Over and beyond what you had to do. Thank you.
  17. USCballin

    USCballin Member

    Why don't you ask him yourself. He's been around here a hell of a lot longer than you have
  18. Nitrust

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    Got some bioniche test e and more mast e..gonna run that next spring. Getting bloodwork next week then ill be running astro test e and tbol
  19. big boi

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    I think members on this thread need to still stay humble and quit being so arrogant.. It seems alot of u guys have gotten comfortable kissing Astro ass. When a new guy asks a logical question u give them a smart ass answer besides given them wisdom n insight which imo alot u guys have. by all means keep the trolls n check but dont forget the responsibility we have as members to keep all sources to a high standard.
    Now I know this will ruffle some feathers n I mean no disrespect just stating the facts.
  20. Running bioniche test e as well. Super smooth. You'll dig it. How you like tbol?