Astro Labs US Dom and Intl SRC

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  1. 1forthegeeks

    1forthegeeks Member

    Any Anadrol fans out there. Try out Astros caps.

    Lower back pumps came on the second day, just had to bump up my aromasin as well.

    Reminds me of the Turkish anapolon.

    Great stuff so far.

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  2. ChillBill

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    I will have to learn the bitcoin some day but reload cards and W/U are what most still do now. I hope you will let us have some time to learn the bitcoin Astro before you make it mandatory.
  3. zombie21

    zombie21 Member

    Bad ass! I was thinking adrol as Dbol wasnt to exciting for me. Also I'm down for some bitcoin action! Hoard up more btc while They are low with a sale. then watch as the price climbs back up like I know it will. A lot of Bitcoin press lately I'm hoping for the Fire doesn't get Put out.
  4. Manski

    Manski Member

    Lol well that sounds like a good deal.
  5. Jruiz

    Jruiz Member

    Ya bitcoin def isn't off the radar . Just googled it and it's out there. My good bro trying to figure that bit coin mess out and looks like he's having a rough time. So far I don't like it.
  6. Ultimatepip

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    Bitcoin is like another language to me:(
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  7. kcxvi

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    There are some excellent youtube videos that explain bitcoin and also show how to do it. It's probably the safest way.

    - how bitcoin works
  8. Kubrick

    Kubrick Member

    Who do I have to blow to get the new email address? I've sent 3 PMs and the money is burning a hole in my pocket!!
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  9. Can you get these Astro? images.jpeg
  10. Greetings 1forthegeeks. I'm wondering why Adrol would give you back pumps? I'm not sure but isn't Adrol not a progestin ASS? I thought progestin ASS like Sdrol only gives nasty back pumps? :)
  11. jesse

    jesse Member

    like to know if you ship in quebec canada
  12. Astro Labs

    Astro Labs Active Member

    I could ask. The supplier I use doesn't answer sometimes for a couple days lol but I could always ask
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  13. Astro Labs

    Astro Labs Active Member

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  14. Astro Labs

    Astro Labs Active Member

    Its super easy. I may make a quick write up it should take 15 min to make a wallet and buy bitcoins
  15. Astro Labs

    Astro Labs Active Member

    Adrol kills me super back pumps lol
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  16. old bro

    old bro Member

    This would be great i went threw it after we chatted an was completely confused
  17. getswole89

    getswole89 Member

    Is anyone running or gotten bloods for the bioniche pharma line?
  18. xgunx

    xgunx Member

    Yeah a write would be nice;)
  19. cgreen13

    cgreen13 Member

    ive sent numerous pms and still no response on new email.
  20. hotdog23

    hotdog23 Member

    When I take to much ASS I get killer back pumps too! LOL

    yes Anadrol has progestinic effects and bloats you like a bitch. Def gonna cause back pumps
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