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  1. old bro

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    Really? Thats horrible until the market is more stable i highly doubt any other placess will focus on this type of payment cause theyll loose money to.
    I think in like 5-10 yrs this will be every where but for now to unstable.
  2. bickel29

    bickel29 Member Supporter

    Wow, sounds delightful, where and how can I get in on such a truly positive experience like this?:rolleyes:
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  3. xgunx

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    Just open a bitcoin wallet and transfer all funds to me, it will feel about the same.
  4. Nitrust

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    It usually takes about 4 days for my bitcoins to transfer. In the time period I have lost up to 30 dollars. I was like wtf?
  5. xgunx

    xgunx Member

    Yup also depends how ya tranfer em too.. you can go from cash or credit to btc in a matter of minutes
  6. bickel29

    bickel29 Member Supporter

    Well that's a relief - so you mean I might ONLY lose $5 or $10, then?:mad:
  7. ChillBill

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    Bit coin will have to wait for me to join the ranks. Some day.
  8. xgunx

    xgunx Member

    My last 25$ transfer i kept over 23$ last night.
  9. USCballin

    USCballin Member

    Yea....refer to my previous post for an answer to this, bro
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  10. USCballin

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    I emailed Astro and informed him of a pending revolt of his new payment system.
  11. Voltrader

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    Now that Astro has gone pretty much private at least there is not hey Astro you get my pm. Now Wr can discuss the upside and downside of using bitcoin as a transfer service. If you had the ability to be an escrow service
    facilitating BTC transfers by locking in said price you could make a small fortune. A middle man of sorts a in-between that buffers risk for a fee.
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  12. USCballin

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    There's your new Calling
  13. dper726

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    Call me old school but bitcoin is not for me
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  14. Voltrader

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    Oh if you only knew ....I have a few ideas in the works once the electronic currency truely takes hold.

    There is a certain amount of capital will be needed because you would need to be constantly buying and selling in the market to lock in prices. I have found a couple secondary markets with options and futures if this ever become semi liquid it would require much less capital.
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  15. ccccc123

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    Alright, its sharing experience time...

    Its almost end of cycle, his mix thing just like magic, everything was upgrade
    and noticeable, you just couldnt resist the progress day by day!

    Extremely Satisfied with result!!

    thank you @Astro Labs , and heres just one issue, Can you get back to me my email, :D LOL!!!
  16. chapss

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    Here's the deal with bitcoin. For what we want to use it for (getting good gear), what you might lose in volatility of exchange rates is similar to what a guy like astro loses chasing around weird payment systems like reload cards in a way that can't be tracked. Think of the volatility as the premium you pay for running your cash through Hank's car wash. If it's safer and keeps him running, I could care less about losing a few $ to exchange rates.
  17. Voltrader

    Voltrader Member

    Wait til he sees how much he can lose he has to convert too. Anyways this is fine on smaller orders but let's say on 1k can be substantial.

    I am wondering if we are talking about this too much ....just hit me.
  18. Wings_of_pain

    Wings_of_pain Member

    While I think it was probably for the best for Astro to go private I am only upset at the fact that months ago when he was taking a break he told me when he was back up that he would be good for it. Then when I contacted him when he came back, dude never bothered to respond. It's one thing to do what's best for your business but if you're saying you're going to do something then go back on your word that's a little messed up...
  19. Beergut75

    Beergut75 Member

    I am so lost with this. Not sure why I am over complicating this? But it is beyond me at this point.
  20. pumpkintits

    pumpkintits Member

    if you had any idea all the shit he's been dealing with lately I think you might think twice about that post. they don't come much better than him so i don't think anyone is gonna feel bad for you, especially the way you worded that.
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