Ban the term "Dr" in peoples username

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TenPin, Apr 16, 2019.

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    Now THAT is a serious 1/10.

    If you are trying this weak at everything you couldn't have had much success in the dating scene.
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    1/10? You're obviously one of those people that can't laugh at himself.
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    You should get some dating tips though. Aren't the dog and a jar of peanut butter getting old? C'mon, live a little!
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    Fuck censorship
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    I know a few gay dudes and all I want to add to this discussion is that the pic you posted was clearly that of a sub bottom. Not even a power bottom. He has those "pee on me eyes" if I've ever seen them. Grindr worthy.
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    Yea so what's your claim to fame six yers in the pen, lol

    And now your on a quest for and are using SCHEDULED substances that are NO DOUBT a parole violation, some NEVER LEARN.

    And that makes you a dumbass ---- a millionaire LMAO!
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  8. Oldschool

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    You being serious? That's just nuts.
  9. Wtf is a “power bottom?”
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    I wish I wasn't... I barely follow that forum anymore. I used to pop in and try to help but it's pretty much beyond help. 9 out of every 10 posts just makes me cringe.
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    That is truly sad.
  13. Oldschool

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    That was fucking funny amigo.
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    I dont know man lol. I was just being a jackass. He does have pee on me eyes though, although I may just have a fetish...
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  15. I asked a girl I was seeing that very question last year. She said they discussed fashion, which I believe.

    She also said she received tips on sucking cock, which I don't believe because she was so bad at it. Most women suck at sucking cock, IME, even though they all claim to be highly skilled. It's a rare occurrence - vanishingly so, in fact - to find one that's any good.
  16. Don't listen to Jane. That was a 10/10, John. You know Jane is triggered when he starts rating your comments on a 1 - 10 scale. The lower the score, the more triggered he is. Bravo!
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  17. Sworder.
  18. Oldschool

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    That is exactly what I thought when icky posted that. :D

    Nice to see you around.

    Hope all is well.
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  20. LOLOL!
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