Best time for dosing??

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by hatman, May 19, 2009.

  1. hatman

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    I am getting ready to start a test cyp/dbol cycle and am wondering when the best time do take the dbol and to inject the test are, or if it even makes a difference. I work a 10 hr shift, starting at 5:00 am and getting off at 3:30, then lift immediately after. I get up around 3:00 am, and don't want to drastically impact my sleep if possible.

    Here is what my cycle will look like;

    wk 1 - 10 - Test Cyp 500mg - (250mg mon, 250mg thurs)
    wk 1 - 4 - Dbol 40mg ED
    wk 1 - 10 - adex 0.5mg ED
    wk 1 - clomid 100mg/day
    wk 2 - 4 Clomid 50mg/day

    Any thoughts???
  2. xray9

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    test mon 4:30 a.m / thur 4:30 p.m. -- 3.5 days between shots
    dbol 20 mg 4:30 a.m. / 20 mg 4:30 p.m.

    From what I gather it's not that critical however.

    p.s. Great icon BTW
  3. TZTARZAN2000

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    dont worry about the injection. do the d-bol an hour before you work-out!
  4. j6237

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    ^^^^ exactly.. i take most orals in AM and PM.. The only thing I would time wold be test sup.

  5. Lizard King

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    4:46 am at the 39th second. Doesn't really matter what time you shoot it as long as you take it twice a week you should be fine.
  6. hatman

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  7. hatman

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    I figured that with the test... the dbol is what I was really wondering about. I've been told it's better to split it up pre & post workout.
  8. bigbench

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    I would do half first thing in the am and the rest 30 min before workout. As for the adex, unless you are very prone to estro sides, the .5mgs ed might be too much unless you are wanting to keep gains completely lean
  9. hatman

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    I don't know how prone to estrogen sides i am. What I am prone to is retaining water. What are you thinking for dosage? What are the negatives to taking more adex than needed?
  10. Reinheart

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    Cypionate and enanthate don't need to be injected more than once per week. They both are long acting esters. I would stretch the cycle to 12 weeks and lower the d-bol to 30mgs. I would also add 50-100mgs Proviron ed and some hcg to keep my balls working and hang proud.
  11. Nomercyfreak

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    best time is anytime bro.