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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by mands, Jul 2, 2013.

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    I haven't received mine yet. I'm told it should land soon.
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    Mike, that was a great question.

    I'm sure Ironman will keep us posted on when he receives (or doesn't) his gear.
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    Yes sir, I'll let the community know.
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    I'll tell you about my divorced neighbor and her Nigerian internet lover someday. You probably wouldn't believe me, though :rolleyes:
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    Except for that SX var, I've liked everything anyone sold me so far. Despite recent events, Meso has been very good at bringing legit gear to the top of the pile.
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    Have to save that conversation for a rainy day when I need a good laugh! My mind is imagining all the possibilities!
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    For those who don't know the story, I am helping IFBB pro Frank Roberson prep for some shows, he uses less gear than any other pro that I know. Well, he was very disappointment when I laid out what has happened w/Bio. He does not want to use anything else. Keep in mind, he has gained 20 lbs of straight muscle from the Bio gear. W/ all due modesty, a lot has to do w/ my gear program I designed for him, which I wont get into here (he typically only runs only 2-3 compounds, I use a larger, more complicated approach).

    I told him honestly about my plans to go w/ another source. I explained to him that I had a mostly good experience w/ NAPS, but how they are a Euro based re-seller, they do not make their own gear the way Bio does.

    I said that I liked every thing I got from them in the free $500 deal except for one thing. He asked "what one thing?" I am not going to lie to him: I said "well, I got, and some others got, a hematoma from the Geneza blends." If you have anything looking like an injection gone bad, the judges will move you down dramatically. Placement suicide. You might as well pull your trunks down and shit on the stage.

    He got pretty freaked out, I had to promise him that I would personally sample every item from NAPS before I put him on them. I may also go w/ some of the emerging new ugls'

    We also decided that we would not do Toronto in 12 weeks, but shoot for The Europa and ultimately, the Masters Olympia. I really want him to do the Olympia, because I think he will win it if every thing goes as planned.
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    Naps gp deca and mast p failed the labmax too i believe.
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    Ordered in early December when the site went public and it looks like the package was shipped in mid December. I was on vacation when the package got here so I didn't see it until January. I was reading this thread while I was on vacation and got worried, so I'm surprised I got it. I was emailing Bio1 before and shortly after I ordered as well. Have not tried the gear yet so not sure if it's gtg
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    Boy - You stay away from the UG for a couple of weeks and all hell breaks loose.

    I can't see Stretch ripping off a few thousand bucks when he has probably given away two or three times that in product trying to make deals right.
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    Thanks for the heads up.

    I am sorry i have not gotten you your chest routine yet. I was working the bags last nite, and like a stupid fuck kicked the hard base. Then I was over at Franks.

    I am on Daddy day care, and running off to teach my Jits class.

    You are doing mostly heavy basic powerlifting for your chest, yes? I can tell from your pics. Doing so for about 5 years sets your foundation What is your rep range and weight? I am 99% sure we need to teach you how to "feel" your movement, switch you over to a higher rep range on dumbbells.

    Ironically, it is proper positioning of your shoulders and most importantly scapula that will achieve this. Pull shoulders down and back, and squeeze your scapula together. We will need to leave our ego at the gym door, because you will not move as much weight, but your chest will fill out like a balloon.
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    Oops, sorry, I need to be more clear. Place the dumbbells on your knees, you are sitting upright on a flat bench. Before moving your shoulders down squeeze them up towards your ears, as if doing a shrug. From the fully shrugged position, then pull them down and back. That should then draw your scapula together. Close your eyes for a moment, feeling every detail. Doing so will lft your chest upwards. Keep the position and your eyes closed, and use your mind to really focus on the chest Repeat the shoulder rotation and scapula squeeze until you are 100% focused on your chest. Use a light weight like 35 lbs.

    Now, rock back and when you are flat on the bench make 100% sure every thing (shoulders, scapula, chest) feels the same as it did while sitting up. Keep chest lifted high (w/ out excessive arching). Do an easy 14 reps, keeping technique strict.

    The human body wants to do things the easiest way possible. You have shoulders, arms, forearms and hands the are huge. Thus, those are the parts your body will use naturally. OK, enough thread jacking I will admit that I do want to ttt this thread[}:)]

    I am going to call and go over some other details w/ you. Print this page out, and take it to your next chest w/out.
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    Lose the attitude new guy.
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    Hey fella, I can respect that you've been here for a while and seen some things, but you don't know me from Adam, and I don't like your tone.

    I didn't have attitude with you. What I had was an opinion that opposes your ignorant and biased view of people with a criminal history. A lot of people do. Also, if you haven't noticed, what we're doing and discussing here isn't exactly legal, and could presumably lead to a rap sheet all on it's own.

    So, let's make a handshake deal between men since I like this place, and don't want unnecessary problems with members who have seen more than I have. You quit stereotyping people with some bumps in their past, and I'll give you all the respect you deserve. Sound fair?
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    Kamala is a well respected member here.
    I don't think he needs to make agreements for respect.
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    And I believe that. I might be new here, but I wasn't born yesterday, and I don't need my ears slapped for stating that I feel it's unfair to generalize ex cons. I voiced my opinion respectfully. All I ask for is the same courtesy.
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    Oh you were serious about the people of the Motor City being a fine folk?
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    Chris and Gunny: Shit, they failed the test. I know I am being lazy, and I do promise to read the thread, but can you guys give me the Cliffs notes version?

    I don't need deca, but I absolutely need Mast.

    Correct me I am wrong, but NAPS is a huge Euro based reseller. Since they do not oversee manufacturing, they cannot be 100% sure every product is good.

    Don't get me wrong, I really liked everything I got from them except the Genezza blend. They gave it to me free. They sent me deca and NPP as an apology for the Geneza. Some local guys had problems w/ NAPS more than a year ago, but what I heard is that NAPS has really worked hard to do better (explaining the vet giveaway).

    Clearly I owe them much more than they owe me. I just can't take any chances. Is their HGH legit?

    I know, I know, I need to send you both some money[:eek:)]
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    JB tested Naps Hyges at right under 30 IIRC.
  20. ironwill1951

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    its nice to see that someone tested hyges , maybee with stretch gone and not preaching rips. others will get tested too