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    Always great to work with you. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. For those who have ordered domestic from BNG how long does it typically take?

    Been about 3 weeks now since payment sent. I’m not in a rush but seeing people receive international in under 3 weeks has me asking

    Possibly takes longer because they have to ship to themselves first as opposed to having stock domestically? Only thing I can think so curious what others experience is with domestic from BNG
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    3 weeks domestic does seem like a long time. If product wasn’t available when you ordered you should have been notified. @BNGgrowth can you address the above post sir? TY.
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    I was considering trying their domestic growth. Can anyone who’s ordered domestic recently attest to what their t/a was?

  5. Sdryx

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    I believe the turnaround issue has already been explained...

    BNG can chime in if this isn't accurate.

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    How has the TA issue been addressed? This can’t be blamed on chinese new year. People have received int packs in less time. Maybe I missed something??
  7. Sdryx

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    Sounds like international shipping time plus the added domestic shipping time for that single order. So domestic shipping would actually take longer than international shipping...

    Maybe BNG wants to address as I'm just rehashing other's statements...
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    Cool man. Not dogging you. Thanks for explaining.
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    For those waiting on packs, what was the quoted, expected TA on your pack? Are you outside of that window?

    You DID ask how long it would take to receive your pack, right?
  10. The post wasn’t a call out that I was upset. Like I said not in a rush.

    I’m basically asking now for what others have experienced just to see.
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    Sorry if I sounded like I was suggesting anything, that wasn't my intent. I was sincerely asking.

    I often times see guys commenting on TA with various sources here - sometimes complaining, sometimes not - without telling us what the source quoted at the time the purchase was made.

    I thought you had ordered and expected it to be in your hands already, so I was just curious what the source quoted as expected TA up front.
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    Please email as this sounds way to long for domestic.
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    Yes I need to see what happened here and what the order was.
  14. Quick update.

    Once BNG realized there was an issue he fixed the oversight quickly. Very good communication with him to address it, everything looks good on my end.
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    Just a heads up, I recently ordered some kits from BNG, but I haven't heard from him since I sent the payment (5/11). It has only been one day since the payment, so potentially overreacting, however he was pretty good about responding up until the payment was sent. Anyways, figured I would let all you guys know what the deal is. I will update ASAP with any news.
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    OMG a whole 24 hours without a response? Grab the pitchforks
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    It's only been a day...relax a little.

    From my dealings with @BNGgrowth, he has proved to be a real stand up and a professional fella. I am pretty sure he will take care of the business with you.
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    You're over reacting and probably not old enough to run hgh anyways.
  19. BNGgrowth

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    I am loss for words. I replied to you yesterday confirming your order under 24 hours. Not sure if you received this?
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  20. RockyTren12

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    @BNGgrowth just received my 3 kits of the black tops via international(Batch #49)Amazing service with a response always within 24 hours! Thanks a lot man!
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