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    I know off topic but. A few years ago me and an uber skeptic older buddy were leaving on a drive to do some photography. Tripod. High quality cameras. Numerous different lenses. We turn a corner, about 10am, clear blue sky, and right over the tree line theres this object just sitting there. Blatantly there. Like a rock in the sky. A few seconds goes by my buddy says nothing so i go "uhhhh you see that too right?" And he doesnt ask see what, he just says "yup" and i go "well... Wtf is it?" And he goes "i dunno" and i say "well last i checked thats the textbook definition of a ufo" and hes lije "naw.... Just an advertising balloon i guess". Now, this object was about 200 feet in the sky, it was about 20 feet long, 8-9 feet tall at its highest point. It was the textbook shape of a silver disc with a distinct dome in the center of it. There was no advertisements. No lights. No windows. No ropes. It wasnt wobbling, spinning, moving whatsoever, it was fixed like a rock just sitting in the sky over a random patch of uninhabited forest. I told my neighbor "pull over lets take a photo" but he refused, adamantly refused. I was yelling at him but he wouldnt pull over to take a photo even though we were on a mission to friggin take photos.

    He refused to talk about it afterwards. For several years, anytime i brought it up hed get fidgety and change topics. Finally the other year we smoked a fat joint together and he suddenly brings it up, apologizing profusely for refusing to pull over, and confessing to me that he thinks about it all the time since it happened and has still never been able to explain to himself what he saw.

    Im still pissed off that he wouldnt pull over. We wouldve had the most crisp, clear, perfectly captured photos of a flying saycer ever taken. We had the best perspective, top notch photography equipment including tripod and telephoto lenses in the trunk of his damn car. I swear it was as if sonething was controlling his mind in that moment, preventing him from from pulling over. Gah, im angry just talking about it. Such a wasted opportunity. There was also two cars infront of us, neither pulled over. I couldnt understand. Everyone was acting like it wasnt there, but it was BLATANTLY there, you couldnt not see it driving diwn that road. It stuck out like a sore thumb.
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    While pussy is desirable, it is in such an abundant supply that it is hardly valuable right now.
    At least for generic-quality pussy.
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    When I seen this thread pussy also came to mind. The value will drop once they perfect these VR machines as sex robots. All the pussy without all the bullshit then.
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    Newborn babies. The govt uses each birth as a huge credit account for budgeting/spending
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    Its deff pussy people will give up everything for it cash gold diamonds time etc
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    Then beer/booze violates the laws of physics, wormhole-like
    Wormhole - Wikipedia
    as beer helps ugly and poor people have sex, since 3000 BC