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    It's Gear.
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    Why not the best of both...Platinum Pussy or 24K Pasty's
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    you are a trippy dude. Thx for the good reading.
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    our children.
  5. White people.
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    When he's really rippin he's good for some laughs!
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    Gainz. Seriously though bbc, and i mean this with all due respect, are you smokin crystal? Lol
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    Value in use or value in exchange?
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    I'd say land has gotta be up there.
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    Time is so valuable it is above any price. You cant buy more time, no matter how much money you have.
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    Labor is a commodity!
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    @BBC3 could you please message me. I saw something in the sky on my way home from work. It has me tripping out.
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    I've always been skeptical but i dont know what i saw last night and i can't find anything similar to what i saw online. ..
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    Nothing would surprise me after 2 straight years on Meso lol
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    @CdnGuy I'll just post it and hopefully @BBC3 will chime in.
    Ive been working the night shift. I was driving home at about 330 am. At first i saw a really bright shooting star but i thought it was too bright. I noticed some type of aircraft was flying from where the light came from. The craft had a blue spinning light. I continued to watch it fly across the sky, then i saw the white beam again. It almost appeared to be a light or flare but the craft was too high for a flare to be that bright. The white light arched away from the craft and it fell down towards the ground. The craft kept flying and all of a sudden it seemed to fall i could see the blue light wobbling as it fell then the craft vanished.
    I am fairly close to a reserve air force base. So maybe that could have something to do with it but who knows
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    Was gonna ask if you were close to any military bases lol That kind of weird shit seems to always happen around bases. o_O
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    Yeah I've always was under the impression that they didn't have much going on their except a museum and what not. I know it was built for WW2 but the war ended before it was needed in the capacity it was built for
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    1 Primo?

    2 Non-underage Virgin pussy?

    3 Honest politicians?

    4 Non gold-digging hot babes?
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    @BBC3 do you know the escher picture? "Manos Dibujando".

    There are a book of francisco varela Calculus to the self reference"Its a math book

    This is critical because i believe in resilence of the resilence,call me ezquizo but this key to me: quick scape from bad emotions is my mainly commodity