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    Brother go to bed or something..i bought that book in the early 90's when you were in middle school watching power rangers.This is an open non moderated forum.Get over it and used to it.
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    Shut-up and do what youre told. Stop acting like you have a say in anything.
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    I guess this depends on your end goal. In my opinion, bodybuilding depends on (in order of most critical) an individual's perseverance/drive, nutrition/supplementation, training/hard work, and hormone manipulation.

    My analogies (with your body being the brick wall)
    - Drive: you need to be willing to put in the time/effort/research to build a brick wall
    - Nutrition: you need to know what the proper materials are for building the brick wall, how to mix them, when to use more or less, etc.
    - Training: you need to know the most efficient, effective ways (PLURAL) to build the brick wall
    - Hormone manipulation: optimize your workers and recruit more to build this brick wall as big and as strong as possible (hiring more illegal workers can be very beneficial if properly managed; but they could also get out of hand, do a shitty job, get out of hand, rob you, rape your sister, start dealing drugs on the corner, bring the cartel to town, or get you in trouble with the law)

    I think it's pretty straight forward too; just figure out what works best for you. But in general, do you even know what you're eating daily (what are your macros, how do they fit your body type and life style, figure this out and find out what's best for you and your goals); how effective is your training (are you getting proper muscle contractions, are you effectively training your target muscle, are you even sweating or working hard enough, do you feel a pump, are you sore the next day and know you really worked what you think you did).

    In my experience, the majority of people (whether using steroids or not) have no clue about their nutrition (or nutrition in general) or about proper training in regards to their goal. 80% percent of the people at any given gym are not effectively using their time or resources (which in turn just slows or halts their progress). But hey, we're all human, and we don't know what we don't know. You just have to be the one who takes control of that to optimize your journey.

    Learn about nutrition, what it all means, and how to manage & utilize it.
    And training can be pretty basic; understand how to properly fatigue a muscle (respective to being able to properly target a muscle, and target the muscle fiber type) relative to achieving muscle growth.

    I'm not opposed to buying suggested books, but simple Google searches and general browsing of those topics are readily available for free.

    I like the free email's from Neil Hill. They're not a plethora of information, but he regularly covers science based information on training and nutrition. He also has a few books I believe, with a recent release of a nutrition book that has gotten good feedback.

    Best of luck.
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