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    Leasson learned hahah
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    Anyone tried Corning's bottle top filters? I am trying to catch some from ebay or amazon but most of them are packages of 12/24 and PES...
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    Don’t use PES. Go to med lab supply for filters. You can buy singles. Sometimes on amazon too.
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    I know about med lab supply and some others pages from here, but they shipping cost to my country are pretty damn high...
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    Just brewed up my first batches of test, tren and mast.

    All in pure EO:
    (Overdosed:true mg listed below)
    270mg/ml tren E
    260mg/ml test C
    260mg/ml mast E

    Holy shit! My quad was FUCKED for 2 days injecting 2ml... but I can inject 1ml without feeling a single thing...

    Always thought I could handle pure EO because I never had an issue, however, I never injected more than 1ml before.

    My next brew, which may be soon so I can finish this cycle without being crippled, will be 50/50 gso/EO. Hopefully it will hold at the same concentrations.
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    Based on what I learned from a good source here of Alpha Pharma, Alpha Pharma uses 90%GSO, 10% EO. So with 50/50 gso/eo you should be good.
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    Good to know. Thanks!
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    I guess you mean Pharmacom, they use 5-10% eo
    Alpha use mct / gso blend?

    Also you have no Idea what BB% they use and this guy for their oils so you have no Idea if this guys oils will hold vs alpha / pharmacom
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    I have Alpha Pharma Deca, Test Cyp, Sustanon from a reputable domestic source here and he told me it is gso and eo combo upon asking him. I guess he could be wrong...
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    Test E at 300mg/ml brew 20190908_223448.jpg
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    Why EO and why'd you brew at such odd dosages?
  12. 'Cause EO is the cats pajamas and he overdosed them, so those numbers reflect the true mg/ml of his brew, as far as i gather.
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    I love the regular 2/18 ba/bb with MCT. Its perfect and I never have problems. Why do people try all these crazy brews when its so easy to make work. Nothing over 200 mg/ml.
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    There was no need for eo in that. 18/2 in mct and zero pip. But I hear ya. I just don't see a need for eo. Not with what I do.
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    Yep. I use 2/20 and Mig840 and just brewed test E and mast E at 300mg/ml and tren a at 150mg/ml with zero problems getting it to hold. Thin enough to draw with a 30g slin pin.
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    Have you injected any of these 3 compounds to report any pip?
    Is not Mig840 modified MCT oil?
  17. i can't exactly answer for him, but it appears to be preference rather than necessity.

    Some guys handle EO very well and the thinness of the oil is insane. Watching how fast it fills an insulin syringe is mesmerizing.

    Thinking about it now, if i ever get my hands dirty with brewing, i think i'll shoot for a 50/50 mix of MCT and EO.
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    Anyone knows where i can buy EO in europe union? thanks.
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    That site seems so weird.. anyone already ordered from there?

    EDIT: Seems that is in China (Shangai)