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    I think you are going to have a difficult time buying EO domestically in the EU, you might be able to find like cosmetic grade stuff though.
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    My body is good with EO. It’s super thin and I love how easy it is to pin with.

    After further testing on myself, I realized that the pip I sustained was from me stupidly injecting into my quad after hitting a squat PR. I forgot to remember to never inject into a muscle AFTER killing it at the gym... I know... noob.

    I have been injecting 3ml of EO 3-4 times per week without any pip at all! Super easy to pin. It’s like water.

    Doses? Well I just wanted to slightly overdose.
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    Will do another search.. uklabsupply years ago had EO.. but they disappear..

    Thanks bro.
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    This is good to hear your feedback with EO. I have been using Alpha Pharma gear that is 10%EO and rest GSO. My system is ok with that much EO and I am now considering 100% EO, or EO/MCT or EO/GSO combo for my first brew.
    Just wandering if EO is safe as I will be injecting upto 10ml per week for the blast I am planning?
    Wiki says, "Ethyl oleate is a fatty acid ester formed by the condensation of oleic acid (vege oil) and ethanol (alcohol). Ethyl oleate is not currently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for any injectable use. However, it is used by compounding pharmacies as a vehicle for intramuscular drug delivery, in some cases to prepare the daily doses of progesterone in support of pregnancy."
    Lets hear more about it from the members!
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    I've been injecting my own Mig based gear for about 6 months now, currently running the test/tren/mast and injectable superdrol daily. No Pip usually, every once in a while I'll get a bit in the quad, but that's it.
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    That is one heck of cutting/recomp cycle! How are you liking it? How much are you running of each compound?

    I am planning a cutting/recomp cycle for next blast using identical compounds.
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    Running 60mg/day of each currently, so 420mg a week. May bump the tren up to 525 in a couple weeks depending on how I feel. This shit really is strong. First steroid I've used that really fucks with my head a bit.

    Between the tren and the sdrol, I can feel myself get hypo throughout the day if I don't have enough carbs too, which is really fun, lol.

    I can tell I'm already leaning out, even though I've put on about 8-9 lbs of glycogen and water since the start.
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    The sugar issues is the sdrol.
  9. VinceGlorth0

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    I figured, I've also read people going hypo just on tren, so I figure the 2 together are even worse.
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    Yeah sdrol is way more brutal to me as far as hypo feeling than tren. I don't eat a very big breakfast or high carb. And by 10-11 I was totally depleted.
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    There's a UK based seller offering it on ebay at the moment. Not particulary cheap, about £25 for 50ml delivered (UK) & don't know if he ships outside of the UK, but might be worth having a look & asking whether he'll do a better price on larger amounts. Haven't bought from him myself, but it's the only EU option i'm aware of.
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    Nice single cycle presentation. Love it!
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  14. Just brewed a nice batch of Decabolone acetate 250, only accepting bitcoin. Free shipping. F118F101-713C-476E-BE21-5249AD5EC937.jpeg
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    Those are all pretty high concentrations with relatively low solvents levels. Curious to see if they hold.
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    I go thru a 48 hour "watch period," It even got to 55 degrees the night I brewed. The pics I took was after that 48 hour period .

    1st pin 8 pm last night. Woke up 0 pip. And even gave the wifey a 5 am wam bam and forgot I even pinned. Due to lack of any sort of pip.
    It's smooth like butta.

    Not to forget props to the community. I always do alot of research and reading here in the Homebrew section. It really has helped me improve my brew game.
  17. Lb187

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    Thank you. I also got some Anavar for last 4 weeks. Ran out of caps lol.
    But I love brewing and capping my own. It's such a fun adventure and my wife loves to help also.
    Especially when I make my "Wham Bam" 60/40 mg viagra/cialis mix caps.
    She knows it's about to be Mr Nasty Time .
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  18. Robfromga

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    You brewed in a 55° room?
    Not beating you up, those are just high concentrations. Mast at 325? Deca 400 and test 400 aren't low numbers. Without mig or eo. Hope it holds over time. The test 400 is going to be spicy!
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    O no sorry, let me clarify.

    It got down to 55 that night. And I let it sit out overnight to test if it would crash. As of now it's been about 72 hours total and still holding. I've gotten pretty good getting most things to hold in MCT.
    And again no pip so far. (12 hours since pin)

    My goal is to keep pinning at 2 times a week and less than 2 ml per injection.

    I'm a big guy also I'm 6 foot 7 388 pounds. I'm not into competing or anything like that, (mad props to the guys who do) but my job requires me to be big, scary and strong as fuck.
    So I'm trying to maximize this bulk.
    600 mg Test-
    400 mg deca-
    400 mg Mast E-
    each per week...

    30 mg Dbol pre workout (5 weeks).
    30mg Anavar pre workout last 4 weeks.

    Some adex on hand just in case.

    First time trying Mast so I'm taking it easy to see how my body takes it..
  20. TRT@40

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    Nice brew with high concentrations to minimize pinning and volume !
    What is the purpose of adding some sesame oil to your brew?
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