Burned by sources. Need help please

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Jvkw, Dec 3, 2019.

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    Due me being 24 daddy is involved? Clear to see how that’s must be how your life is ran. Pretty hilarious. Any other average person would not conclude that so it’s clear you’re the one sucking daddy’s money like a leach at that age. Did not know this was senior year of high school where “daddy’s “ money was still a thing. Clearly daddy’s money is a thing for you tho so good luck with that. Don’t forget to suck his balls for your car lease payment.
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    Daddy’s trust fund. Rent is due and the two boyfriends need to pay the personal trainer that “does posing and stuff”. God, imagine having the job of training this little bitch? “Bro, it must be the gear cause your training is spot on and you shop at Whole Foods”.
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  3. Damn this got bad fast.
    Let this thread die.
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    Jvkw is about as popular as a skunk on Meso
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    You make no sense, why dont you
    News flash! is you dont research and you buy from some fuck tool source you wont have to come on a board like a fuck tool and ask for help after getting burned!
  6. Glocker

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    If I take 150mg of viagra and my dick is just average hard instead of 3x the normal size and stiffness I don't go on a rampage against the source by creating threads on meso complaining about how his bunk gear ruined my weekend of white on black-midget orgy.

    For the most part the criticism from everyone here is the way you are going about handling the issue both before and after you showed up here. I have not read all the posts but we know soco was MIA for personal reasons yet you are on here spouting off about the common-core business classes you took at the Uni and telling everyone how a UGL should be running their business to be "successful." Then there is the cockamamie endorphin horse-shit that you either picked up in your business-psych classes or from your hand-holding friends over on reddit.

    Unless you have 10+ years of solid aas experience you should be far humble in your presentation and request for help from the community. Everyone here told you right off the bat multiple times to get labs and go to the Underground but that wasn’t good enough you wanted answers to all of your “perceived problems” and you wanted them now, and here you are pi$$ing and moaning 60 posts later with your vagina still filled with sand while demanding answers. This is the real world you are living in now not the fantasy one you grew up in.

    I don’t believe you actually read any of these posts it appears that you scan them and selectively pull out words or sentences that you believe you can argue with and your idea of arguing is simply repeating the same gibberish over and over. I almost believe Meso is being trolled here since your responses seem incoherent and I don’t think anyone can actually be this incoherent unless its intentional.

    “Just made this account out of pure frustration and anger with other websites.” – How many others have you been run off of?

    I think we are done here boys.
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    Did he get his feelings hurt too bad?