Burned by sources. Need help please

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Jvkw, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Jvkw

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    Not sure why you act like some funny guy in the thread but private message me four times asking me to use your code at a lab you sent me.... fool
  2. johntt44

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    What, are you fucking Mr T now? Fool...haha
  3. johntt44

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    Hes just fucking with you. Its alright.
  4. Iron Frenchie

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    Put a drop of tren on your tongue. What does it taste like?
  5. SteroidsBro

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    God these rashes and hives when I take tren....WTF!!!! FUCK!!!!!!


  6. It was a joke in general.
    Don't call me a fool and I could care less if you're actually smart and listen to me.
    Also, I PMed you ONE time.
    I really can't believe you just called me a fool over that.
    I won't call you names back either because again, I wasn't coming at you.
  7. Davidinovg

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    It may be that your prolactin levels are crazy high so u feel and look crap.

    I was using tren e and has prolactin super high and that was why I wasn't looking good..

    Bloodtests are the key the rest is talking..
  8. stone988

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    where the fuck to people find these shit labs? bro you need to do some work and research research research good luck
  9. Jfox500

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    I do a LOT of business with srx. They have been top notch. No one has said anything but praises for their gear. I’m doing 500 a week of their test e and my bloods came back great.
  10. RGL90

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    He prob came at them or someone before he ordered and pestered them to death or acted like a needy whiny bitch like we all know him to be ( bro where’s my order? It said it shipped yesterday) so they went out on a limb and haulted the order and said send this guy the straight oil! ...... I can feel his paranoia setting in now... fool, lmao, atleast we are all sitting on vials and vials of legit , and your sitting on bunk? I’m sure your daddy will send you some more allowance money soon. Next time , order sit back and try not to annoy the source and wait on your pack like a man, or this world will continue to shit on your for your asshole egotistical mentality, be humble, it’ll get you a lot farther with people , I used to be like you ya know, the world kicked my ass over and over again, it was time to grow up and be a man and roll with the punches , but atleast whatever happened to me I knew I was humble and didn’t contribute to being shit on. THE ......WORLD....DOES........NOT .......CARE ........ABOUT YOU...... FUCK your feelings and stay humble
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  11. Jvkw

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    Ur irrelevant in this thread. Coming out of no where 24 hours after it’s been posted to make a remark. Call me the child but fuck man. Grow the fuck up. Get off the thread. Go work or make some friends instead of finding day old posts to comment on
  12. RGL90

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    If u read back he said he did not come here to research, he made this account out of pure frustration, and he’s bringing static back to every response from people trying to help him on here or PM,
    good one kiddo, I’m up making breakfast for my kids and getting ready to take them to school , and your up doing what? Checking emails from the source? See if they wrote you back? Bitch boy , just delete this account , no one will ever take you serious on here , your are permanently known on here as the whiny kid with a head full of hair that runs a business at 24
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  13. RGL90

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    If you want you can PM me and I can teach you how to grow up and get a wife and raise a family? ;) Have a good day sport , hope the source writes you back, you deserve a refund! Lmao
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  14. Jvkw

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    Aye man don’t hate your life because your wife is a cunt and your kids are stupid as a fucking brick. Grown ass man with wife and kids gotta cycle because he’s still insecure at 40+. Pathetic. Don’t take your hate on your life out on other people. Just sit in your garage and drink beef like the other men who hate their family.
  15. Jvkw

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  16. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    This is the best advice for @jdkw. There’s no salvaging your reputation here. Do a search for @balco and see the shitstorm he caught.

    You’re not the first to come to MESO thinking that you’re a special little baby. Guys like you don’t last here long and don’t last long doing this stuff either.

    You got a lot of good advice here. Either listen or don’t. You can’t seem to see past the ball breaking though. Read between that. Get the gear tested, get bloods done, research before buying, and stop with the stupid cunty attitude.
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  17. Jvkw

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    do you think my reputation here matters? Just curious? It’s an online fourm with a bunch of low life scum bags who have no life’s who keep making smart remarks all day long. This fourm or an average fourm. One of you pricks have to make a smart remark. This fourm is complete cancer compared to so many other sites. Especially you. You been on this fourm for 24 fucking hours and have yet to actually answer the tren issue. No one in this fourm has yet to mention. Bad receptors, people who don’t take 19 nors well or anything. 32 fucking days now on tren and people keep saying send to jano? What the actual fuck is that gonna do for the situation? If it’s real fucking gear why the actual fuck is it been over a month with not a single affect? Since you have all this wonderful advice. But have YET TO ANSWER THE QUESTION
  18. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Your Tren is bunk man. Toss it.

    Then go give your boyfriend a blowjob. I’m sure he’s tired of hearing you bitch.
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  19. Jvkw

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    See the difference between me and you is I have accounts like this to get answers on questions or concerns. You have this account to entertain yourself on a day to day basis. It’s funny because you say all this stuff, but here you are another day in my fourm still talking. You live for this fourm. Instead of having some real friends or family to talk to you. You talk on this shit instead.se
    See how easy that was to answer? But aye man. I’m not guy surfing the web for threads to talk on all day long like you. If anyone’s gonna be a prick here. Gonna be you. Stay on my fourm and keep trying to talk to me with irrelevant comments. Grow up. Go be social in real life.
  20. RGL90

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    His handle name is his and his boyfriends initials prob .....hmmm ”John Vince and Kevin Williams maybe? Maybe room mates , daddy I need more allowance money my rent is due
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