Burned by sources. Need help please

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Jvkw, Dec 3, 2019.

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    I'm 9 days in on 700mg tren and I have stress rash all over my body and I had to quit smoking a couple days ago because my heart was freaking out. 31 days is plenty.
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    The majority won’t lie , that’s what science says atleast . My conscience is eating me up I’m gong to quit being a asshole and try the arms wide open and compassionate approach , maybe my home life will improve with wife and kids . Jvkw I am truly sorry!
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    You should not be running 700mg of Tren your second dam cycle
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  4. If you have the money to spend on all of this "bunk" gear, then you should have a hundred and some odd dollars to send it off to Jano or someone else just to be certain.

    Maybe if you had lab tests PROVING the shit was bunk, you could post proof and the source may do something about it. SoCo had someone post labs on a Mast/Test blend that was underdosed and had some tren contamination and he recalled all of it and reimbursed people. You say your Tren from SoCo is bunk, get it tested and see what he does if it does indeed come back bad. So far he has a good track record in dealing with issues like this.

    Hard to believe you'd get burnt twice in a row, but shit does happen I suppose...
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    Then listen to @BigBaldBeardGuy and research smh
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    Look at the lab testing section. Good sources test their gear. Then research that source
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    Alright thank you, I will continue to run till week 6 and watch for sides. I went from the test 500 to tren due to me starting tren at 350 like usual. No sides. Then justbup
    its not my choice to get burnt twice. I did tons and tons of research. Every format possible. Reddit, sst, eroids, anything that can show the lab I did. Even went through all 200+ pages on sst regarding soco before ordering etc. I did my time. I believe the prop is authentic and dosed correctly. I just have a hard time believe. 31 days into tren ace. At the dosage I am doing with not even night sweats or insomnia once is quite strange. I have never gotten tren cough. Never gotten appetite surprised or gained a major appetite (changes per person). I have perfect cardio. Jogged thirty two nights ago in the gym on treadmill not a single issue. I’ve even tried eating 150+ carbs right before bed to induce the night sweats. Most users will say carbs before bed can make the sweating much worse. I did that, and slept like a baby with no sweating at all. I do not sleep with a fan on and where I am located it’s winter and the heat is on in the house. My strength has not increased on any lift. I’m EXTREMELY acne prone and my face has cleared up since I started. I suffered severe acne from 11 years old to about 19 and now it’s moderate. I do not have odor that some people say tren can give. My urine is light and smells normal. (Strong smell can be indication) I have yet to get better “pumps” or vascularity. I am decently low body fat and have veins present but nothing new nor longer duration. Like I said, trained by a coach who’s done numerous shows and posing for tons of people. We’ve changed workout routines to help shock the body, we’ve tried low carb diet, and high carb diet nothing changed. For the last 4 weeks I have been doing research daily to see symptoms and everything that can show it is working. I have yet to find one that I have. I had very bad PIP the first week and since then it’s disappeared. I do not sweat more in the gym or bust out extra reps etc. I do 6 days a week about 1.5 hours daily. That’s what I have been doing for awhile and sleep 7-9 hours daily. No drug abuse. No alcohol abuse. Live alone and only have food in the house that is clean Whole Foods. The reason I did not send to jano yet is because it’s $80 and soco had my account banned on SST for “claims with no evidence” without responding to my email or wickr. They disclose if there’s issue and you want to send to jano. They will pay. Hence why I made a post. Hoping to get their authority to send it out. This should clarify a lot.
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    Did that numerous times, lab had no issue with customers or testing. Read response I just left on fellow member for better description of entire situation.
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    Are you squirting this shit into your asshole or injecting it into a muscle?
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    Left right Vetro glutes, left right delts, left right glutes and when I need to I will pin my quad. Pull 18g and pin 25g. 1 inch for both. Thank you for your concern.
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    I find it hard to believe that someone searching the underground can't find a reliable source. Maybe you aren't trying. o_O
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    If you did not bother to open your eyes and read the first message I posted. “I made this account out of frustration and anger”. I have had this account for all of about 5 hours. I have been on SST and EROIDS prior.
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    Then fucking go the underground here and read. Nobody here feels sorry for you snowflake.
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    350 tren no sides then you up it to 700 to get sides.
    Getting no sides is what you want and 350 tren is definitely a good dose to grow like wildfire.
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    That’s like the 5th recommendation to “go to the Underground and read” that’s been posted. It’s starting to sound like the dude is looking for a freebie.

    Here you go @Jvkw google “Brotherhood of Pain” go over there with your sob story routine. Make sure to say “MESO bullied me” and you’ll get an additional 40% off.
  16. Okay, I get it. Your diet is perfect, your training is perfect, etc.

    Lemme see if I can get you to understand a few things man;

    1.) As I stated before, SoCo has a good track record of rectifying issues. What do you have to lose spending 80.00 to find out without a shadow of a doubt that your Tren is bunk? Chances are if it is, SoCo will rectify the issue AS WELL AS reimburse you for the money you spent to have it tested.

    Or, he could just reimburse you for the testing and tell you oh well about the gear, which I sincerely doubt would happen (it could I suppose), because his track record says the opposite. He does a lot of business, why would he fuck you over if you have lab tests proving his gear is fucked up, thus fucking off his business?

    Worst case scenario, you lose 80.00 on testing but SoCo loses business and customer confidence and is forced to leave or is banned. You end up weeding out a source and saving other people hundreds or thousands. I doubt this scenario would happen.

    2.) SoCo didn't get you banned. Ol' Captain America banned you for making baseless claims. You have no proof, other than feelzzzz and you're throwing out words like completely bunk etc. and posting it multiple times in different threads. It looks like you have another agenda when you're angry enough to throw accusations around but not show a shred of evidence to back it up.
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    Haha 40% off and the gear is gtg lmao.
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    I think he got his feels hurt.:confused:
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    Okay since you want to know it all, if soco won’t respond to wickr or emails and was banned for having a post up waiting for a response from the source then how am i supposed to follow through with jano? Just curious. He clearly states if issue occurs. Contact and it will be handled from there. I did that with yet to hear back over 8 days now. So yes, I believe you think you know it all but it’s actually quite hilarious how much you do know. And if you happen to have any spare endorphins to have logic reasoning. Doesn’t every company have mistakes, I mean Chevy has recalls, manufacturing places have issues with quality etc all the time day to day basis. So apparently, because it’s anabolic steroids this is impossible to happen? I love your guys reasoning. Apple has mistakes. Makes software updates to fix. They’re a BILLION dollar company. Soco is irrelevant compared to apple and apparently it’s impossible for them to make mistakes. Great logic and reasoning. Thank you.
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    Feelings did not get hurt, I actually have a life & do not sit on their fourm waiting for responses. Seems to me like you’re the one who’s emotionally hurt because he’s got no life sitting on this fourm for hours getting a laugh out of it. Thanks for the concern though.