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  1. AnTabolic73

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    How many of you guys take into consideration your exercise and rest days into your daily macro count?

    For e.g. if you estimate your maintenance calories at 3000, and you're trying to cut. You knock off 500 to 750 calories putting you at 2250. It's a rest day do you still aim for that 2250? A little less cuz you're not working out?

    Just curious. I aim for the same amount.
  2. Eman

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    Same amount.

    I'm more active on weekends than during the week, so that helps offset any difference.
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  3. TheH0517

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    I have special pre, Intra, and post meals and shakes so those get taken out on rest days during a cut. It’s a pretty detailed answer so to simplify, yes I eat ~600-800 calories less on rest days. And the majority of those calories are carbs.
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    Interesting. I usually cut out the post workout shake(which is usually just milk,egg whites, oats). But I replace them with food through out the day, so basically I still hit that number I aim for during the cut. I've wondered if I should lower the calories during a cut.
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    Ya I wake up early on workout days, therefore on rest days I’m able to skip a post-workout meal naturally by waking up later (I eat every 2.5-3 hours). My pre, Intra, and post meals and shakes
    Contain simple carbs so instead of having cream of rice for a PWO meal and white rice post, I have oatmeal for breakfast and that’s the only carbs I have on rest days. I’m constantly adjusting though. I don’t just bump calories by 500-1000 or visa Versa.

    Once I start to bulk again I’ll slowly add carbs into meals throughout the day and don’t drop calories on rest days as much.
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