Clenbuterol - missing results (Am i overthinking it - or am i doing something wrong)?


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When I’m dieting in to a show there’s no estimations of any kind involved. That level of information isn’t needed. But I know what I eat every day. There’s no need to know an exact deficit ever, really. 500 is just a safe pull when you stop seeing results in the mirror and on the scale. Anyone going further than this is complicating the issue.

What I’m saying is; sometimes the answer isn’t sciency. Pull cals when you stop seeing results. 500 is a good number because it alone equates to 1lb/week fat loss.
It's straightforward with discipline to track calorie consumption. Tracking calorie use is a different story. You can estimate it using a TDEE calculator, then you can estimate the extra based on exercise. Then there is some impact from gear and other meds you can estimate... In the end, that's a lot of estimating and therefore, knowing your caloric deficit with any accuracy is not quite so easy.