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Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by bonacris, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. 2Dumb2Plumb

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    A lot of opportunity to make money with bitcoin if you have money to play with.
  2. Razo

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    Coinbase is a pain. I've had a few issues with CB already. My Friend can't even setup a CC. He tried like 4 different cards and nothing works.
  3. TRT

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    Are you using uphold? Hear some shady stuff about them.
  4. Sasquatch631

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    Yeah I have gotten coins from them twice. I also saw the complaints and bad reviews but I've had no problems. I had questions and customer service answered back the same day. Some times I wonder what the people writing the reviews were trying to do with their accounts who knows I hate reviews bc it's only one side of the story. I use Uphold for small amounts of coin($200 or less) and LBC for large amounts.
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  5. franchise24

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    You can find a Bitcoin ATM in your location. But the amount of money in the ATM you plan on using to make a purchase. Scan the QR code to coinbase. 30-60 minutes the money is available.
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  6. TRT

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    LBC? I need to do large amounts. Close or over 1,000.
  7. Sasquatch631

    Sasquatch631 Member find a seller using a bank in your area and deposit cash into their account. Only deal with sellers that have 1000+ transactions with 100% positive reviews and you will be good also look for immediate release. This is the best way IMO skips all the exchange nonsense.
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  8. TRT

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    Thank you.
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  9. ZDogg

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    I tried Coinbase, and it was fucked.. I ended up using Gemini, which worked better, for me personally. It all seems to be a major fucking PIA, though.. good thing for me was bitcoin price had dropped, so I made a couple of hundred dollars in the last week. It's worth the hassle, for the discount, IMO..
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  10. Usmc88

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    I dont think many guys are actually using a separate wallet which is sure to send a red flag. I have 2 separate wallets. I used them with circle now with coinbase. Had some verification issues but finally got resolved. First wallet linked to legit email and 2nd wallet with no links to me only a secure email. Atm would be the best bet if the closest to me wasn't 4 hours away.
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  11. MindlessWork

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    Then people who are making AAS purchases directly from their coinbase wallets are truly making a big mistake. Having a separate wallet for your gear purchases is a must imo.
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  12. Sasquatch631

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    No problem let me know if you have any more questions.
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  13. TRT

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    How do you know so much? You just hoard shit don't you. Lol so what are you transferring funds from one wallet to another?
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  14. Razo

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    It doesn't matter how you do it and how safe you think you are. ATM is probably your best bet. Pretty much anything done electronically leaves bread crumbs, even if your using a vpn. I've said this a million times, if they want to get you, they will.
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  15. MindlessWork

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    Lol this was from many of @pumpingiron22's many articles he posted on here.
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  16. TRT

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    Thanks. I'm digging.
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  17. Millard Baker

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    Transferring bitcoin from one wallet to another before spending doesn't accomplish much of anything.


    Coinbase follows bitcoin movement for minimum of 4 hops. Most other U.S. exchanges probably do the same. They could just as easily follow 10 hops.

    You are creating a false sense of security if you think you are fooling anyone by a simple transfer or transfers to different wallets. Terrible advice.
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  18. MindlessWork

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    Damn...thanks for the info MB. Sounds pretty hard these days to cover your bitcoin tracks.
  19. Razo

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    I agree.
  20. bonacris

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    So what is safe? Or is there anyway to be safe