Comparing the Different Bench Press Angles- Flat vs Decline vs Incline

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Custom, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. tenpoundsleft

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    Sadly I'm only one plate away ha ha ha.

    Well, maybe less, I work out with one plate for sets of 8 reps at the moment, so I could definitely do more for singles. Still, strict OHP with bodyweight (220 atm) would be awesome.
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  2. tenpoundsleft

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    The lighter guy - if he's a vegan and a crossfitter.

    The heavier guy if we're in the real world.
  3. tenpoundsleft

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    The spinal decompression with a heavy weight belt on is SOOOO nice though. Chiropractic actually, I've had my back pop in place when doing them.

    I've only added two plates to my dips, so that's 310lbs total for 5-6 reps.
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  4. tenpoundsleft

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    This guy doesn't eat enough - or something - with the stuff he does, I expected him to be way bigger. Very impressive, but looks like Crossfit.... :) I can't do crap with a jump rope, not coordinated enough, I don't dance either.
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    I've hit 215x1 a couple times lately and then missed 225lbs. Shouldn't be long.

    Edit: That's a strict, standing overhead press, by the way, starting with the bar at rest on my upper chest. Not the shit you see at the gym where they're seated and only going down to their forehead or maybe chin with the bar.
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  6. Arnold Strong

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    "That guy" is Ross Enamait, a well-known boxing trainer and author of several books on training. He has probably forgotten more about training than everyone on this thread put together has ever learned.

    One of his trainees, Katie Taylor, defended the WBA World Female Lightweight Title just yesterday.

    Katie Taylor - 2017 Dec 13.jpg

    There's a huge difference between training for athletic performance and training to look swole.
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    Exactly the same for me, flat barbell, incline dumbbell.

    Don't like declined barbells at all but dumbbells aren't bad.