Construction worker or a Bouncer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by M. Tugboat, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. LeoTC

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    I'll still take bouncing gig's from time to time. Local bars will bring in extra when they have shows or events.

    Those bars are typically full of fucking gutter trash though. So they pay well and you almost always get to stretch some dumbass and blow off a little steam.

    It's fun, but I definitely wouldn't go back to it full time.

    On the construction end, I like doing dirt work and general labor / heavy lifting. Just never been very good at actually building shit. Odd considering I come from a long line of welders, carpenters, contracters, and craftsmen.
  2. cdusgk91

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    Join the laborers union. That’ll give you the heavy lifting you’re looking for. Definitely go home every day with a sense of accomplishment
  3. kap73

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    your right no one wants to do construction these days.. young blokes are to soft.. wont carry shit on their shoulders, wont work through there breaks, wont do overtime and cant take it when u put a fire cracker up there arse to get them working... its a joke.. the old men who built our towns would be turning in their graves.

    construction in my opinion, its goin to open your contacts up to some many different avenues.. if u go hard other companies will poach you to work for them..

    bouncing would be good but dealing with drunk fuckwits could end u in jail..
    one punch with wrong witnesses can change ur life forever
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  4. LeoTC

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    Depends on where you're bouncing, I've known a few guys to land pretty good gig's of people they've met working club's.

    It does happen.

    As far as landing tge wrong punch, I've never actually thrown one working a venue. A headbutt once or thrice, but never had to throw a punch to handle drunks. They're already off balance and it's not hard to take their legs away.

    Like I said, stretch them out a bit and they tend to get pretty compliant pretty quick.

    Sickest thing I've ever seen was actually my buddy at all of 165lbs put a near 300lber on his face. Dude bulled up again and wound up having his shoulder torn outta the socket.

    My buddy's been wrestling since he was four and he competed at a national level for a decade. Ol'boy didn't know what fucking hit him. Lol.

  5. kap73

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    dont get me wrong you would meet aot
    of people thru bouncing just hard to seperate the drunk talk for serious talk

    haha yeh i bet he got caught off guard by the smaller fella, i dare say that happens more often than not
  6. LeoTC

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    Shit's always fun.

    We used to have D-bags come into the dojo all the time thinking they were bad. They'd watched some Bas Rutten videos on YouTube or trained at the one other - extremely - shitty dojo in town for a week or two. Come walking in like Bruce fucking Lee.

    They'd almost always immediately be fed to Shayna. Women's MMA hadn't taken off yet and nobody knew who the hell she was.

    A lotta guys were humbled very quickly, by a very petite woman. :)

    Shit like that is why I still train and take a bouncing gig every now and then. Usually just work concerts and shit I wanna see these days though.

    Tiz a wonderful arrangement.
  7. M. Tugboat

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    Its really rare for some to actually hire you with papers and all that, you usually work on the down low. Unless you are working with the city but they dont hire new people
  8. M. Tugboat

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    I was watching a YouTube video the other day about 3-4 geeks trying to rumble with a female MMAer and I gotta say, it was kinda hot, she had a great ass and whenever she was doing a takedown GODDAMN
  9. LeoTC

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    5th ranked female in the world at the time, there wasn't much room for objectification.

    She straight took dudes apart unless she felt like toying with 'em.
  10. M. Tugboat

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    Imagine being in a relationship with her and play fighting, that'd be great
  11. HockeyHead

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    Easy choice!

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  12. M. Tugboat

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    Looks like we have a tiebreaker, boys.
    I'm so watching this again tonight.
  13. LeoTC

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    Basz's definitely not the type I'm generally attracted to. She's also kind of in that like a sister place.

    She'd probably fucking break the D clean off.

    Rousey and Shafir I had zero issues trying to get into bed. Aside from not getting either into bed that is. :(
  14. M. Tugboat

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    Οh yeah me neither, I meant it in a more general sense.

    Miesha Tate is where its at for me
  15. movingiron88

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    Just so everyone knows, construction and trades are in extreme need for workers in the future. Which means pay will continue to rise or even soar.

    For every 3 people retiring only 1 person is filling that void in constructio. Companies are doing anything they can to grab and train any decent young employee. If companies do not plan ahead for this they will suffer.
  16. LeoTC

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    I don't know and I've never hung out with Tate. Would probably try to get her into bed too though.

    Technically Shafir owes me a tittie shot for stomping her at Mario Kart though. :/
  17. M. Tugboat

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    Damn, thats wild.

    I havent actually hunged out with any of them like you btw
  18. M. Tugboat

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    When I was working as a plumber with other older plumbers there was this weird thing going on, they didnt want you to learn too much, almost like being scared of being replaced, I dont know what the fuck was up with that. And from what I've heard from other people this is a common occurrence around here
  19. nervje

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    So if you get double the cash as a bouncer a night than you get at a construction site, obviously bouncing is your choice.

    I am too a bouncer as my side job, it can be really enjoyable as you get to flirt with women and be paid for it, obviously downsides are having to deal with drunk people and being the.. Bouncer..
  20. M. Tugboat

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    Yeah it's the risk factor that's holding me back. Also I think that it's a slippery slope, maybe I'll get dragged into something worse