Cops love to shoot you... even in the back

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    Fair enough. Please link me to said stats- if I am incorrect then I’d rather be wrong and learn from it. Instead of continuing to believe what is unfounded.
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    You didn’t read this entire thread then
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    Went through the whole thread again. Didn’t see any stats anywhere where cops “snitch” on each other or hold each other accountable regarding wrongful use of excessive force resulting in injury or death. If anything the link regarding the police arrests could be any number of instances where a cop had no other choice or it was internal affairs. Ex: In my county during the 90s an off duty cop was pulled over by another LEO because he was driving a bit erratically . The onduty let him go after the offduty told him he had a few beers but was near his exit and close to home. The cop led him go and the offduty ended up running into some young adult or a teen or something. The cop who let him go was under a huge pile of shit. So if anything they’ll only call each other out to save their own asses. But on the whole the feel is less about accountability and more about “if I see nothing then i say nothing. So don’t let me see it”
    ... nothing in that article of cops being arrested made me believe the arrests were a results of cops being proactively critical of other cops engaging in excessive force. Maybe internal affairs or the cops were being investigated due to being inadvertently observed during other undercover sting operations. I will go through it again as I might have missed something.
    However there’s a lot of political partisanship that I saw rereading the thread - mostly blaming the political leanings of the news organizations. Did CNN fabricate that article? People liken them to the “left wing fox” I see CNN leans left but fox will straight up endorse political propaganda. Like the birther movement or the HIAS migrant conspiracy and its anti Jewish implications. But still if there’s a stat on how many wrongful death/excessive force cases against cops are made by other cops then I’d like to see it.
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    Cops in the United states average over 1300 civilian killings every year. That is by far and away more than any other country, and more than every country in Europe for decades combined. This not a partisan stat- it is fact. Our cops have zero accountability due to the fact that the police unions threaten strikes and they threaten to stop writing tickets - either of which could cripple a city.
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    This is what I mean by not holding each other accountable. Ok sure maybe one or two cops will snitch but the Hollywood stereotype of dens of crooked cops conspiring with one another have real life parallels to the law enforcement department as a whole striking or having sit-ins or refusing to do their jobs in an infantile way to act out against being held accountable.