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  1. Btcowboy

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    Last day of phase 2 531

    Squat intensity did 3 second pauses

    Bench volume
    Barx8 paused
    115x8 paused
    135x8 paused
    185x8 paused first 3
    185x7 not sure where the extra came from but went for it

    Standing 1 arm dumbell press

    Dumbell shrugs

    Seated cable row
  2. Btcowboy

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    Finished phase 2 on Friday and today will be playing with changes in training maxes, adding weight to keep progressing. 6 weeks in and happy with this programming right now. I have been graphing numbers and see some room for improvement.

    Dead’s have improved so good to keep progressing on them.

    Bench I think is improving but somewhat slow. I have noticed a bit of regression though. Thinking of the days it just may have been overall energy levels.

    Squat well it’s stalled but I believe that’s due to me tweaking the knee and lightening up. But since I have been working in pauses and heavier and heavier pauses this may actually be a good thing

    **edit** I think I may be the guy that has to get his numbers up through dead’s and squats as my bench still my weak link

    Tomorrow I will start phase 1 again with slightly higher TMs.

    Looks like adding the fasted cardio this past week has helped weight as expected. Down 3 lbs which is a bit much but I was probably holding a fair bit of water last weigh in. It is Christmas and I while limiting myself I intend to enjoy it as well. All said weight today 219, so will continue with at minimum 3x30mins fasted cardio, maybe more if feeling it.

    Side note, it may be time for a better scale. Depending where it sits, how I stand on it, I get a different number lol.
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  3. Perrin Aybara

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    If you're losing weight your bench probably won't be going up. I'm down 50lbs on my bench right now temporarily.
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  4. Btcowboy

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    Yeah I know you are correct... I look back to start of PL for me I did 205x5x5 and last time struggled @3x5 same weight although did hit a 245 single. I got to remember too that when I came over to the dark side I was just off blast and bulk. Been dropping pretty much since.
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    Added 5lbs upper body and 10lbs lower body to my 1rms top my tms for the week.

    Bench TM 240
    DL TM 430
    Squat TM 360

    Thoughts on those numbers..... Bench may be a tough one but it is for a single. DL might be a tad light may do extra set for a single after. Squat is ok may be based in how I feel although it is only a single but will continue doing paused reps on squats
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    My advice is don't set your training max too high. You really want to avoid any grinding reps in training. Not only does it increase aches and injuries, but it reinforces poor movement patterns on your lifts. One of the keys to mastering lifts is thousands of smooth reps.
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  7. Btcowboy

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    The only one I question is bench right now.
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    For the vast majority, myself included, Bench will always be the slowest to gain weight in. Part of that is due to the muscles used in the lift being much smaller than in the squat and DL, and another part is just how technical of a lift it really is.
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    So looking at this Juggernaut wave program template I am very interested in it. Has multiple rep waves, 10,8,5,3 with 4 week cycles of each. Accumulation, Intensification, Realization, then deload and go to next wave.

    The template uses your amrap set to determine your weight and minimum reps for the next and so on....

    Having a hard time explaining it but I think it will help me out huge on my cut in January as opposed to 531. I say this because it starts out light and works up based on your previous weight and number you got on your amrap set. I almost want to start now but as I am technically cutting now but it will have to be a 4 day program and I cant do tomorrow this week.

    I would set up like this

    Quad, calf, tricep accessories
    Shoulder and Bicep accessories
    Wednesday off
    Ham, glute, tricep accessories
    Shoulder and Bicep accessories
    Weekends off
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  10. Btcowboy

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    Decided if I did this would drop the 2 shoulder accessories and have 1 vertical and 1 horizontal pull instead. I will do some trap and rear delt work in there as well... I am going to try a sample out this week 3 days drop OHP day and do the 3 mains... see how it goes.
  11. Btcowboy

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    Decided to try Juggernaut 2.0 this week.

    Accumulation week
    Was supposed to be bench but 4 powerlifters working in so switched to squats.
    I thought it was a tad light on paper boy was I wrong.

    225x1x10 amrap set barely got through 10


    Vbar tricep push down

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  12. Worf

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    There’s a Juggernaut 5/3/1 floating around somewhere on lift vault. Personally I wouldn’t run the regular Juggernaut unless you respond really well to higher frequency , higher volume training. I don’t respond well do squatting on back to back days.
  13. Btcowboy

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    I think I seen that one too.
    The way this one is set up
    Bench and accessories
    Squat and accessories
    Deadlift and accessories
    OHP and accessories
  14. Btcowboy

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    Add to that I am not sure how I will respond to the higher volume. I will say 50 reps of squats suck lol but the next week changes rep ranges. I will get a picture of the 4 week plan for 1 movement and post when I head back down to my office
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  16. Btcowboy

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    Forgot to add 30 mins fasted cardio this am as well

    Also that pic of the program based on what I put in the yellow boxes ups weight and reps next cycle at 8 reps and so on through to the last cycle of 3 reps.
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  17. NovaFlex

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    Wow. That’s exactly how I setup my training before I started conjugate lol. But with 2 bench days.
  18. Btcowboy

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    Damn my conditioning sucks.......

    At fire last week out pulling hose and running on fumes, of course in the middle if the night. Then tonight do an impromptu arm and benxhwork out before training night. Of course the bicep tendonitis flares up. Then spend the next 2 hrs running stairs pulling hose, sprints with loaded 5 gal pails all in full gear and on breathing air.

    I definitely need to get my conditioning back on track damn, sucked back a bottle in 18 minutes.
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  19. Worf

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    How long is a bottle supposed to last?
  20. Btcowboy

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    45 minutes if you are sitting and breathing normally. There are some that can run sprints and get over 30 minutes, others less than 10 minutes. I am somewhere in the middle all of us were between 18 and 25 minutes.
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