Customs - Pharmacom - What would you do?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Steve84, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    No, I would not. But, I also wouldn't recommend Frank, either. It's my belief that the whole company/operation is not long for this world.
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  2. Soapman61

    Soapman61 Junior Member

    Meant to ask if they're reputable after this issue
  3. mghoward74

    mghoward74 Member

    What thread?

    I never liked pharmacon. I always thought they were shady. With the fancy videos and what not. I thought they were trying to hard to "Wow" us.

    I still find it difficult to believe that their products pass at 100% at simec. Wonder of pharmacon is buying results.
  4. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    Darius's thread page 283 it pops off
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  5. Les

    Les Member

    If it were me I wouldn't call and check on it. I would order the item that is held up from somewhere else and if it shows up later then you'll just have extra.
  6. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    If your asking my personal opinion on PC . I would not order from them due to the disrespect and shadyness towards Meso.
    Just my 2 cents. ...
  7. G.I. Bro

    G.I. Bro Member

    You mean like how muscles96ss schills for TP on every forum I've been on? I got banned from Pro Muscle for pointing out how rajjin (a mod) and several other members (muscles96ss) spin shit pro TP incessantly. TP is great gh but it doesn't change the observation or the fact that things get "moderated" in a skewed fashion over there. The generic gh business is a filthy shady one fellas. Lots of $ to be made.

    Here's the only thing I believe anymore. IGF results from random members with some posting history but no whoring.
  8. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    I was also banned by rajjin a couple of years back. I was posting how Horizon/pacman was about to rip off members...again.
    He was allowed to come back and rip members off a third or fourth time after the time I was talking about.
    I hear he may be back at BOP under IFBB Supplies?
    I believe muscle96ss does a lot of good for the Community with his gh stuff. I've accused him of working for sources in the past. Rode him pretty hard here on meso, actually.
    Could be he just supports one of the only guys to get get consistent generic gh from(provider)? That source stands behind his product and tests his product on a regular basis.
    I've come to respect muscle96ss.
  9. G.I. Bro

    G.I. Bro Member

    I like muscles96ss, he's intelligent. He does contribute. But he's so clearly TP biased it's annoying. I wonder if it's just free gh or he's actually connected to the operation and making $, lol. I will be God damned if he's just a "supporter" of that brand because he thinks it's good. It's more...

    As for pm, I love that board but there is some corruption there man. Seen too much shit over the years (as you pointed out). Sponsor fees are prioritized over protecting members. I miss it but God damn some of the bs over there was not legit. Rajjin's iron grip on the generic gh threads was the worst. Posts disappear and shit. If it didn't spin TP in a good light it was attacked. TP is good gh, but a spade is a spade. In the end I got myself perm banned bc I couldn't just shut up and stop calling it out.
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  10. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    I had been a member there since 2005. Big A has always been about money. The reps push sources and receive product from sources.
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  11. G.I. Bro

    G.I. Bro Member

    Meso is the elephant graveyard where the muck rakers and rebel rousers cast away from PM for their insubordination reside... Haha...the wild west.
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  12. mghoward74

    mghoward74 Member

    Oh my, the faggotry is real!

    This shit all started with @boxcar and marvel.

    1.) Members complain to sorces that their current source is no longer good to go.
    2.) Members making friends with sources behind close doors.
    3.) Source thinks he's got a fish!
    4.) Source says rep me and I'll give you a discount or if member use your name as a referral, I'll give you a bottle of Test C
    5.) Member says "Yep, I can do that"
    6.) Member is now a "Gear Shilling Whore" who sucks off the source, while Taking it up the ass from the members calling them out! fucking clowns.
    No respect for yourself or others
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  13. Dema

    Dema Pharmacom Rep

    Lmfao... Not even close but that's funny!
  14. Chael199

    Chael199 Member

    Never had a problem with Pharmacom. All packages have made it, even from international when they order was split and came from 2 places. But I agree with one of the above post. I dont think their stuff is dosed correct. I think its under dosed. But I have got some product that I ordered and will run it before changing sources. I am on TRT and a 200mg shot of real pharma test a week and you know your on something. Doing 400 Pharmacom and its very low results, On DBol here it is half way through 2 weeks at 20 mg a day and have not gained a pound or any strength gains. Also the winny seems to be under dosed. Sucks the real BD isnt still around. That gear was legit and very well over most likely over dose. Metomoprh and BD was this board and the gear. Lots of people there wanting to help and not a bunch of asses. But watch it wont take long for an ass to place a comment on my post here. But to OP take the loss and move on, leaving bad feedback wont help none.
  15. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    I have to disagree, good or bad feedback is what makes Meso the best fourm around.
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  16. Kash89

    Kash89 Member

    man i was finally ready to go with a source and then I read this thread, man o man, what to do
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  17. mghoward74

    mghoward74 Member

    So tell us how it really went down....lmfao?

    Did you tell pharmacon you need gear quick, because you got an upcoming event. Your current source has a wait time of 2 weeks and you need something like yesterday! :cool:

    You're looking to place 3rd in the local BB event and you need that "PharmaVar":confused:

    Think I got an idea...
  18. boxcar

    boxcar Member

    Missed you to.

    I was NEVER hiding as a rep, it was VERY clear.
  19. Dema

    Dema Pharmacom Rep

    It was more like

    1. There was a job opening for anyone who could suck a dick longer then 5 mins
    2. The gear report back as "fire"
    3. Shipping always gets stuck at customs but shit is always sent
    4. You only had to webcam once a week
    5. Guys from Asia have small dicks, so it's not like there is that much in your mouth
    6. Once found on meso you get a gangbang of guys always behind you
  20. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    True.. you were up front from post 1. But seeing as your welcome to Meso was less than warm. This is probably a big factor as to why guy's who rep here now. Keep it on DL! Which makes it even worse in the end, once word get's out. Loss of all credibility imo...