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    Word of advice, never order from the EU unless you are in it. Customs are brutal that way for some reason but if you are in the EU your shit will never get seized.

    The waiting times are also long usually. I once ordered some peptides from the US (am in the EU) and they took like 3 months to arrive.
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    You tried to use your influence and status to sell AAS.

    The part that was hilarious is that marvel didn't need you. He was or you claimed he was successful in the darkweb. So if he was so successful why were you running around here with your panties around your ankle trying to score aas and all the while putting meso members at risk with another fly by nighter. Selfishness I guess...

    The funny thing is you followed steps 1-6 perfectly.

    Requirements 1 & 5 stand out significantly.

    1.) Did you suck it for more than 5 mins? :eek:
    5.) If they all have small dicks, how many were you able to put in your mouth all at once? o_O
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    Hello Sir!
    Canada had the highest seizure rate this year, more than Australia, NZ and Korea combined. It's the same from EU or Asia. You don't have to wait for a seizure letter if there was such a huge delay and we can check that the package wasn't delivered.
    The request Vladimir asked through e-mail was to check with your local post office because many times a package arrives to its destination or to a neighbor post office without being forwarded to door delivery and just kept there with no further announcement.

    Please send me your order no through PM.

    thank you!

    Sir, still 90% of the orders are shipped from the premium warehouse. Our daily number of packages skyrocketed this year so 10% still mean hundreds of packages per month. Given the recent fiction scenarios advanced by some of the members on my thread, that of course lead to more members telling how disadvantaged they were to receive part of their order from Asia in 14 days not 7, with 50$ worth of sample pills added and 15% discount for their next order.

    Our discount codes for delays are used in an overwhelming percent. What does that mean? It means that customers find that compromise reasonable. If that will change, we'll of course have to stop operating from a certain warehouse or use only fast courier options. It's not the case for the moment, as I'm not loosing any customers, on contrary.

    My business strategies are influenced by clear numbers and percents from our database not by assumptions. Same for deciding which place to advertise, do promos etc.

    I would probably think the same way if I were you, Pharmacom came here 18 months ago and we're now the most discussed and present manufacturer from the board ... given our budget for advertising, IFBB athletes sponsorship, seminars, samples ... what's left till having a rigged lab to work for us??

    I can adhere to that thinking so please find any other independent laboratory for HLPC testing and after the next SIMEC result we'll ship that specific product from the same batch to be tested at that lab too. We'll of course cover all the expenses for it.

    It is also plausible that our vast scheme of buying reviews and results to have been demolished by a foolish mistake we made, forgetting to change the name of our 2 most active board reps from other forums when they joined MESO ... as they often say in a Russian proverb, a lie always have short legs.
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    Does pharma have any Test E300 at the moment? Also is the any first time promo code or discount?
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    Thank you Darius/Vladimir,

    Once I provided some detailed tracking information of 1 shipment that went through, and another that didn't, it appears Vladimir will be looking to complete the reship.
    Luckily the tracking appears detailed for the shipment. As I did not want to be phoning or inquiring about a package.

    I'm glad this appears to be resolved I hope!

    As for Canada Seizures this will be my first. I hope my one and only as well.
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    Yes. It seems to be a common occurance. Expect premium delivery, get a seized package from China. Find a domestic source (there's plenty) and use them for future orders.
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    Test-E 300 is out of stock at the EU warehouse, only in Asia. However, we have Test 500 and other esters in EU. Please request a real time stock update through e-mail if you want your order to be shipped only from a specific place. This will solve and prevent all future problems.
    Sure, you can have a discount, please submit your order and let me know your order number by PM.

    Sir, our reshipping/refund policy was always very permissive and easy to access. Unfortunately, due to that, highly abused. Of course, if your package has that kind of delay it was lost/misrouted/seized and we'll reship it without any further proofs or papers.
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    that's a hell of a racket right there. charge more for u.s. shipping but still comes from china. but its just another ugl. we are all probably using the same shit anyway just different labels.
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    I'm pretty sure in most cases , you won't receive a seizure letter from the cbsa when it comes to gear
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    And what makes you say that?
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    Funny I was accused of being a Pharmacom employee countless times, when it turns out it was a number of other members who never stepped forward to say I was, in fact, not an employee/rep/whatthefuckever.

    Still waiting on Darius to get back to about what to do with the injectable Anadrol that essentially failed AL testing MONTHS ago (pm'd him months ago about it, just head "We'll get back to you when we know what to do")... The boxes look cool and all, but I've never received one piece of useful help as to what to ACTUALLY do with the stuff from the same bunk batch.
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    Wunderpus maybe you should send it too Simec just too be sure. Then you can wait another 3 months and still get NO ANSWER!!! PC some shady fuckers imo
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    What I find funny is how great PC is on the cover, but once they have your money, issues arise. Stock problems, vacations, moving, address problems, etc...
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    Here are the new reports Sir for Oxy, just came in.
    You can get some of those as free samples to test or like CdnGuy very well said, send them to SIMEC. If 2-3 months waiting period is too much, I agree to send your vials to any other testing place on my expense.



    Sir, all our orders are received and our lab tests passed. Given the nature of this business, there is no perfect source or manufacturer and comparing with all the companies we're among the best at what we do.
    It seems that our customers understand those glitches you always make sure to mention repetitive on our threads and always come back to us. Apparently they're happy with our discounts and bonus programs as compensations for our occasional delays
    Our numbers increased in each semester till 2008 and 2016 is no exception.

    Nice thing you mentioned about vacations. Let me put it this way, I had no vacation in the last years due to the intense volume of work emerging day by day. When I'll have a sudden leisure time due to lack of orders I'll definitely consider to take your remarks more seriously.

    Thank you!
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    Darius, please help me understand how the source supplied Anadrol complies, however the randomly samplied does not?
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    4 words THE FIX IS ON!!!!
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  18. Steroidify

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    Sir, the test from several months ago showed around 27% underdosed.
    The new tests showed also mixed results, perfect concentration for the first one and still -10% underdosed for the second.

    We can find a new lab for testing all these batches again, including your vials.
    You addressed this OXY problem to us (me and Pharmacom) and we complied, we sent 2 additional vials for testing and offered you the possibility of testing too.

    As usual, we solve with maximum transparency all your requests regarding our products and services.
    If there is something more I can do please let me know and I'll do my best to please you.

    thank you!
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    I understand what you are saying.

    How is it advantageous for me, the user, to supply my own vials for testing? Now, remember, I purchased these and intended to use them, not send them in for testing... I received them right before the unfavorable AL test appeared, and opted to not use them until further tests were performed. What do you or I have to gain by testing another vial, that is presumably underdosed? I can't use it after I sent it in, and that doesn't assure me the replacement will be dosed properly, due to the obvious track record of underdosing this product... Should the user always buy 1 extra vial, and send that in, before their cycle? So, wait an extra 3-4 months to start?
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    Sir, you purchased from my store more than 15 times, always with discounts up to 50%.
    Were all the experiences bad?

    What more to do than sending more vials for testing from the same batches, 2 vials that tested much better.
    If our practices seem obscure and shady to you I'm sure you have enough experience and intelligence to make a better choice next time.

    Thank you!